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Sell my Greddy turbo header???


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Ok guys I have little problem right now. I have this header just sitting in my room and the damn thing set me back $800. Here is the thing I already have one Greddy header on my car right now just different style and reason why I got this one is because it has t4 flange and it would clear turbo like gt42r. I just purchased new bike and I am kinda getting tired of dumping even more money into L-6 so I am thinking about selling this header but really not sure about it because damn thing took me ages to get hold of it try like 2 damn years. So what should I do just keep it my room or go ahead and sell it on ebay?








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If I still worked at AMS you bet that I could get one made for about 1/2 price but I dont work there no more and I cant weld if my life depended on it lol. Dont forget folks on here paid $1100 for that POS SFP header few years back and the damn thing just plain sucked (at least fit wise). I have had my Greddy header on for about year now (not this one my other one) and its holding just great. In the end this is just well designed header and as I said it took me two years to get it but right now $$$ talks.




If you are seriouselly intersted just Pm me.




throw 12 pack in there and its a deal ; )

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I had one of those SFP headers and believe I'm the only one out of the group that actually got a good one right off the bat...


It made a hell of a difference in power when I bolted it on, as I'm sure this Greddy header will make.


If I were looking for a nicely built turbo header for a L6 motor, I'd snatch this one up in a heart beat, then have it JET HOT coated.....







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I was in the original SFP group header buy, and mine has fit very well. I have further added extra supports for it - just in case.


That Greddy header is simply beautiful and delicious. How does an external WG hook-up to it?


Your $800 price is extremely fair. If Justin 280ZForce does not buy it, I will happily give you the $800 for it.


Regards - Yasin

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You cant be anymore right I just looked under my bed and I found custom tranny adapter L-28 to any GM trans, my haltech manual, some coil packs and aeromotive fuel pump LoL.




I bet you would like it ; ) I might be selling off my L-28 stuff soon so you can have dibs on other header and w/g setup.





If you look at the last picure of header sitting on the tire you can see two runners getting together and thats where the w/g was. You would have to weld flange on there and whats nice about this header is that it has tangerine sp housing so w/g bleeds exhaust gases evenly from all six cylinders so boost creep will not be an issue. I would really like to sell it to you because I know that you will put it to good use so if you want it its yours.



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