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Hi all. First thread of mine. I acquired a 280Z in late May this year with plans of building a nice cruiser.


Current plans:


4.0 1UZ-FE from Lexus (TT in the future)

Tokico Illumina Struts/Springs (Arrived!)

Paint (Rolled on and wet sanded, Rustoleum)

Restore interior

Install Alpine headunit and speakers


Parts needed:


Front dash

Rear Carpet

Rocker panels/rust fix

Passenger seat upholstery

Walbro High capacity fuel pump

Engine/trans mounts

Driveshaft modification


Toyota 4x4 Calipers + pads and associated parts.


Without further delay, here are some pictures of the donor:








And the Z:










Tell me what you guys think.

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Thus far, I'm about 2,590 dollars into my build. (1250 for the Lexus, 800 for the Z, 540 for the suspension).


The Z came with some extra parts (spare engine, header, fuel injection manifold, spare 5 speed transmission, electric fan, new drum brake shoes) but the only downfall is that it has some rust and doesn't run. Has bad fuel pump and fuel pump relay.


I'm selling most of the spare parts I got with the Z and am parting out the Lexus. If there's anything you need, just tell me and we can probably make a deal...

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The SC had been in a wreck (you see the good side from the picture, even though there's Bondo work on the rear quarter there). The fender was crushed on the front right fender and the sub-frame was wrinkled. On top of that, the lower A-Arm was torn off at it's rear mount. Luckily, it runs just fine and the rear end is in good shape. I was most interested in the car due to the fact that it has complete wiring harness, ECU, etc.

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I'm happy with it so far. There are a few things I want to do to the Z to begin with.


There is rust on the rocker panels (both sides, behind front wheels and in front of back wheels).


The cargo area carpet looks like it had bleach or chlorine spilled on it (looks like crap).


The dash mat is covering a bunch of cracks in the front dash cap, so I'd like to get that replaced as well.


For some reason, the top of the car was re-painted, but not the lower portion, which is why its faded.


If anyone has replacements for these, let me know.

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Awesome, another one! post lots of info on the swap. My mom has a 98 SC400 that is really nice but she won't let me have her engine. :D



1UZ's can be found for around 500 bucks with low miles. I lucked out and got an entire car (I know nothing about engine management, so the stock ECU and all is a godsend).

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I want to try a bit different tact on this... what do you guys think I should do to my Z? I'm interested in what you guys wish you would've done.


Reaction research rear 940z Fenders only. Spoiler, Wats, 240sx dash, silver or british racing green. Course all the other goodies of big brakes, dual exhaust, coilovers etc. etc. etc.



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Once I get some funds, I'm going to swap to an R154 from a MkIII supra. The bellhousing kit prices are through the roof, so I've got to stick with the stock auto trans. for the time being.


Ratios for R154:


First Gear: 3.250:1

Second Gear: 1.955:1

Third Gear: 1.310:1

Fourth Gear: 1.00:1

Fifth Gear: 0.753:1

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For all your 1UZ need : http://www.lextreme.com/forums/ good people lot of knowledge and lots of parts for TT project ,unlike the VH ... as far as i know . And IMO for the tranny go with a Tremec TKO600 for a chevy they are stronger then V160 and way cheaper they handle LOTS of power unlike the R154 .


1UZFETT in a MK4 supra in all its glory !!

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