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lets see your 240z-260z

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Blakt Out, I would say that the picture of your car on the lift is the one I am most jealous of. Very nice running gear that I hope to do to mine some day.


That's my fave too. I really think it makes you assume so much about the rest of the car. Thanks for the kind words.


I really hope I didn't build it so far that I'm nervous to drive it hard/often. I've never been that kind of guy, but this one COULD make me worry.

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Here's mine before the wreck





I so hate to hear of one getting in a wreck. I put my first car, a 78 2+2 through a barn backwards. After getting it out with a front end loader and getting it all squared away, I failed to yield to oncoming traffic at a redlight when taking a left and got t-boned. I was 16 then, and didn't have a car for the rest of high school (other than the last 2 months). That was a lesson learned the hard way.

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Rattle can paint job?


God it's scary, yours looks almost exactly like mine.



As it sat a couple months ago, now it is in about a hundred little bitty pieces of Japanese steel.


Mine is a rattle can job where the black is, now you see why I ask.


(Don't tell the girlfriend I posted this picture - she hates it, she looks like a chubby asian).

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