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Evos 9sec 2jz build - 9's, 8's, and 7's done going for 6 sec pass now!

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Great work, love how tidy your engine bay is.


Had a laugh at your Fast and Furious reference, F&F references are always funny.




Due to my job I can't really slowly work on my projects bit by bit (after work etc.) So I try to get as much done in couple of weeks as I can, but also I don't think I'd have the patience to take as long as you have, I'm impatient and can't wait to get the work done and go drive it, which is also why I like to do mine in quick stages. Well done keeping it up over a long build.



She sounds great and looks to be a beast, must feel great to finally get driving it after so much work over so many years.

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I have been having small boost creep issue that was bothering me so instead of just turning the boost up (basically bandaid fix) I decided to add second 46mm Precision wastegate to fix that problem for good!








I had to split vacuum lines for each WG




Second dumptube fab




Still need to add bracket to reduce vibration of second dumptube




-3an ss lines hooked up







Now I just need to hook up Nos kit and it should be ready for another dyno session.













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Man, that's nice! Super jealous. Do I dare ask the budget?


Parts and labor around $18k. That includes EVERY SINGLE PART that I will post up with this round of upgrades. Car came in running and driving it will leave chassis shop ready to go straight to the track.

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That's some crazy work there.


I take it this is going to be a drag only car from now on?

Negative sir!!! Next stage is upholstery shop for interior work then my buddies stereo shop for very nice stereo system. I love street driving way more than track but I just want to be able to legally run at the track and not worry about breaking drivetrain every time I launch.

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