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Evos 9sec 2jz build - 9's, 8's, and 7's done going for 6 sec pass now!

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Great to hear you still plan to use it on the road, top stuff. How will the new setup affect road manners and handling in the corners.




Work looks great, wish I had the skill to carry out work like this or even if there was somewhere that could do work like this.


It is really strange to have my car at someones shop and paying regular price on work but this is way abouve my skill level so I am ok paying for it! New setup should hadle close to old setup. I am using same compound tire (2" taller), 3.7lsd rear end, and about same spring rate. I have skinny tire up front so no hard cornering for me. LoL

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I'm extremely jealous of you Americans. Having a car like that street registered in Australia would be close to impossible. Enjoy it mate!


We are very fortunate in many ways!!! More work done by chassis shop and it is top notch for work sure! I have right at 19" of tire clearance so some 325 drag radials and good size slicks will be so easy to fit.









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Thats a great shop to get right on it. Whenever I take my car to a shop it sits for months.


Puerto Ricans don't play around!!! I was told upfront that my car was third in line to be worked on so it was sitting for about 3-4 weeks. My buddies S2000 is there for some serious work so they are going back on forth between our cars trying to get them done at same time.

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Wait, what prompted the backhalve? 2 pages ago you had a kickass, rearend, exhaust and interior???.... 


mine weighs 2600 with me in it. about 750 to the wheels....



If you 870 to the wheels..... hope your doing a 7;50 cage

Ehhh don't really know what happened just one thing lead to another I guess lol. I am at 703whp but should be right around 800whp after gas and retune. For right now I am doing 8.50 cage since I do mostly street driving but when built motor and bigger turbo go in I will add wheelie bars and extend to 7.50 cage. Exhaust is staying like it was and interior is going to be redone really nice with sweet stereo to match!
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Pichy Race Cars knocking stuff out and doing it right! 9" rear end painted and mounted, fuel pumps remounted, battery moved/mounted, fuel cell mounted, fuel return line moved to side of the fuel cell, and hole cut out for fuel cell access (cover not done yet)! Top nothg work from very talented individual!









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