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Full on resto mod of a 240Z

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Okay, so here's a question then, yeah you're selling the Z, sad, but understandable. I am suprised you're still standing after a 7 figure bust like that. I hope you're persuing legal action over it. But that's another story.


My question is: Is your next track car going to be a Z??? I'd like to see what you would build in a Z with the LS3 driveline. That would be fun. Not as pretty, but fun. You could check out Mark's thread in the Nissan V6 forum here on hybridz for a couple ideas.




Oh and YAY! lucky me is your 400th reply

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I realise that you have sold this car, which must have sucked for you. But I am thinking about using AZC coilovers on my 260Z and I was just wondering what you thought of them, handling wise, comfort wise and also the fitment?



Thats if you even still come on here.







I loved this car, got to be one of the best Z's I've ever seen, I hope I can get mine almost as nice as this, I rather like the colour coded chassis, Trying to decide whether mine would look beter in Black or the same as body in Datsun 307 Pacific Blue Metalic.

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