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The official White Z thread

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OG, is that a 280Z? Do you have chrome trim around the tail lights? That doesn't appear stock-but I want it!

Yes, its a 78.  The taillights have the standard bright trim around them.  I got bored and converted them to LED last winter, so that's probably what isn't looking stock.


Also a Fiat X1/9 aluminum bumper, which doesn't stick out as far...

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Ok here are some pics of mine in various stages during my ownership.


How it looked when I first got it> fender flares added along with rockers painted to match car and bumper color change, as it looks today> With Watanabes that are waiting to be permanently fitted as soon as I get my coilovers and locking lugs.


Beautiful Fairlady! You are located in San Jose? Could you reach out to me via PM or e-mail? :) I have an on going log of all Fairlady's in the US, would love to hear more about yours.

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Clean Indeed! I like the exhaust you have.



I just refreshed the exhaust last week, new muffler and resonator.  Thinking I will probably paint the muffler body flat black, so it stands out a little less - I was hoping to would be able to mount it a touch higher, but oh well...  Loving the vertical stack look though, and the Vibrant resonator/Magnaflow muffler combo flows very nicely and give no drone!  

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