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The official White Z thread

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Z+WORKS/WATS=Happy Birdy












Are these cars factory white, if so what white is that? If not a factory color I would love to know of something close to what ever it is.

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This is the color I am going to go with... I really wanted to go Artic Winter White but it is a tri-coat which will make it a nightmare to ever repair and paint anything in the future. So Nissan Dayton Blue it is I think :).... Could always change my mind the day I go to spray it.



Here is the link to my site devoted to the restoration of my 1 $ Z.


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I've got a white Z too so I guess I can play...

All the rattle can jobs in here reminded me of my car a few summers ago. Matte white rattle can ftw!haha This is after I wetsanded it for real paint





And a crappy cell pic, but for some reason I still like it



P.S. makaofox, you're everywhere man. I see you regularly on 3zc, here, and Zilvia. Seems we're both trying to get into s30's, you have good taste sir.lol

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A bit of a thread resurrection, but wth. Thought I'd share a pic of mine. :)





Nice car! Lets keep this topic going, more pix ppl!


Anyone have pix of cream-colored (less of a bright white) Z's? Thinking of going that route when I repaint this year.

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