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  1. BLOZ UP

    Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT

    Ha. Had a kid. It put things in perspective. Things are returning to the new normal now though, so if it weren't so cold out I'd get stuff done.
  2. BLOZ UP


    Uh... haven't been here in a while. Got rid of the Sparco seat that didn't fit and the harness. Put stock one back in. Going to get a couple Corbeau Classic Buckets at some point. Got new wheels for it. Epsilon Mesh 3 piece. 16x7.5" all around, got for a good deal I think. Going to swap my 225/50s on to them, but need a trailer or truck to haul all 8 wheels to the shop to get them swapped. Glad I finally am getting rid of the XXRs. They are OK except for the weight, and I've heard of them (not necessarily this model but the dual bolt pattern ones) breaking during autocrosses. I've had them on the car for about 7 years now, put them on soon after getting the car, on a student's budget so it was long passed time. Anyway this is a long ass post about wheels so here's a photo: Thinking about redoing the centers in black. Or maybe red. But don't want a ketchup-mustard car. Probably black. And as much as I dislike chrome, it seems to work well for the barrels against the window trim. In other news I put a dent in one of the fenders after having to break into the garage . I put in a steel door though so at least that can't happen again. I'll go for a window next time.
  3. BLOZ UP

    Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT

    Yep. Still not done. Got a driveshaft that fits. Ran some wiring. Rewired some connectors. Put some intake piping on. Ran some vacuum line. Need lots more vacuum line.
  4. I replaced both of my flasher units with the superbrightled ones (which swap right in!) but I recall having issues with them still not flashing unless one on each side was incandescent.
  5. IIRC, They all have 1 water temp. sensor. The stock gauge sender is on the RH side in the lower intake, and has a single spade and rectangular connector. All turbo ones have a temp switch near the water cock for the condenser fan. The ECU only uses the CHTS. The LH side has been plugged on all of mine, but I used and have seen it used for aftermarket gauge senders.
  6. BLOZ UP

    Its running. But confusion about tune file

    Adjust your required fuel to change the fueling overall. What size injectors?
  7. BLOZ UP

    Stock Car Mafia's '78 280z LS2 Build

    LS motors run hot, IIRC. 220 is not uncommon. Meanwhile my VG33ET struggles to get to 190, even when sitting. So you still want more power? I am tempted to get an LSx (or LQ4) and turbo/twinturbo it. I am trying to find out at what point the aluminum blocks don't like boost, but am finding lots of various opinions.
  8. BLOZ UP

    Stock Car Mafia's '78 280z LS2 Build

    I highly recommend a relay kit for the parking/signal lights and the headlights. You can also get LED bulbs that significantly reduce the load through the stock switch--negating the need for a relay for the parking lights.
  9. Lol. One of these days I will install the CLSD and this brace that have both been sitting in my garage for ... uh.... 6 years now.
  10. Most tires just have max pressure/bead seat pressure on the side. Door sill will have OE specs at OE weight. You might be able to go lower. Mine are at 32psi highway, I go to like 25 at the drags.
  11. BLOZ UP

    Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT

    Replaced flywheel insert Heli-coiled the remaining flywheel threads (after finding out 3 were already replaced). Now it's 'balanced'. Put in 2 LC-2 widebands Put the engine in Ground down some of the transmission Put the transmission in Pulled the transmission out Ground the transmission some more Put the transmission in Started running wiring
  12. BLOZ UP

    CHT or CLT sensor?

    In my VG33E+T and the two other VG30ETs before this I used the CHT sensor. It's much more "stable" than CLT. It also represents your actual engine temperature and not the coolant system temperature, but both are just as usable. You can switch between them with just some changes to the fan hysteris if you have a fan triggered via the CLT input. As for being "stable," my coolant temps would swing, say, +/- 10° C, as the fans cycle. My CHTS just goes between 5° C or so. This has the added bonus of, say on the dyno, letting me know when my engine is really too hot and needs to cool down vs just when the coolant has taken up a lot of heat.
  13. BLOZ UP

    ms2 and innovate lc2 configuration

    Is it otherwise accurate? Sounds like it could be the output is not really programmed linearly. Narrowband sensor responses have a quadratic curve and "stick" to lean or rich and just kind of fly past 14.7 when switching from lean to rich or vice-versa. Did you tap it into the other analog out, same as the gauge?
  14. BLOZ UP

    Mrs. BLOZ UP - 92TT

    Removed the auto trans gear selector and associated interior parts. Removed clutch firewall block off plate Wondering what this random green electronic controller is where the clutch pedal assembly goes Got a new new flywheel insert for the Fidanza flywheel. Almost ready to put the engine in. Need to clean the battery tray area up and get the clutch line routed.
  15. BLOZ UP

    ms2 and innovate lc2 configuration

    What do you mean "sticky"? Can you get a video of it?