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  1. ANOTHER Datsun Z/LS3/T56 Swap Thread

    What a nice shell to start with. Lots of nice things to say about it, but to be blunt... I wish it was mine!!
  2. Wow... this if very impressive
  3. I'll take 2 short sleeve XXL. One in dark Heather gray and one Carolina Blue . Please PM me the total. Thanks - joel 70605
  4. Do you know if these have metal outer rings? Yepp, they don't . It seems like some that I have seen are chromed plastic. Plastic they be. I'm returning them.
  5. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    LOL... I thought I recognized him (one of those specs on the beach in pic)
  6. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Last donation shows > 12 September 2016 Are you guys using PayPal?
  7. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Sorry, no donation showing . Maybe try again. Thank You
  8. Who's s30 with Carbon Fiber Hood Louvers ??? (PIC)

    Well, I went ahead and bought a set of TRACKSPEC alum louvers, and I think they will evacuate plenty hot air under the hood.
  9. RB26powered74zcar

    Various stages of mod.....
  10. I guess I bought the only pair they had in stock. Once I paid for them, they now show them to be SOLD OUT. I will be very peeeed off if the rings are plastic, for that kind of cabbage ... I will update the thread once they arrive.
  11. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I feel for ya brother. I've been through the chemotherapy regimen myself, dealing with non hodgkin lymphoma in 2005. So GOOD LUCK to you brother.....
  12. Project Binkey

    Watched all 14 so far....
  13. Hi! I have no idea what I’m doing…

    Welcome to HybridZ. Once you feel you are ready, I think the LSX swap will satisfy your urge. I wish I'd gone that route ...
  14. 1jzvvti swap into 240z

    Please do your best to use periods, comas, question marks and spell out complete words, as per forum rules. Thank you!