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  1. I ran mine for a few street seasons. No problems. I ran a nylon lock nut, and added a regular jam nut just to be safe. No problems.
  2. 1988 300zx turbo partout

  3. NA-T with high MATs

    ya, without a functioning intercooler, you really shouldn't be running over 5-6psi like they came stock. even then, I'm not sure i'd be comfortable on a track day. Also, do you have alternator problems? was showing just barely 12v when shouldn't it be 13.5-14?
  4. Has anyone dealt with Bill Brinkworth?

    I know he broke his arm very recently and hasn't been able to do much work at all...perhaps a little preoccupied with some shows for his car too. I gather with the Arm broken, things have really backed up. But whether that's a justifiable reason or not is up for debate. They're one off parts and can't really be had elsewhere. Sort of like commissioning a shop to do some custom work, timelines can get pushed back. It's not something he has sitting on the shelf ready to ship. That said, lack of communication is a big no-no. I'd hope he would at least respond with updated timelines or some status on your order within a couple business days at most. He's not the type to "rip you off" though, just not super prompt with timing. Good luck, and if I see him around the local meets, I'll let him know.
  5. Rust free datsun 1978 280z worth?

    I can see paying that amount for a COMPLETELY rust free Z. The amount of time and annoyance of rust repairs really adds up. Especially if you have to pay a professional to fix it. Plus cars that are in that condition body wise are usually pretty good for the rest of the car...often complete, unmolested, etc. Seems like a steal if it's as good as it looks in the pics. Take an awl (pointy screw driver) and probe for rust from underneath. Check seams where floor pans meet firewall, rails, doglegs, and the infamous battery area.
  6. Problems tuning my RB25?

    i'm pretty well versed in nistune tuning. The stock rb25 maps go way retarded up in the 96 range as a safety measure incase someone experiences boost spikes or tries to run too much boost. The stock ECU is also known to have a huge dead spot from 44-4800 where they pull timing near peak torque. Questions: 1) are you running stock injectors? 2) are you running stock MAF? 3) do you know what your peak "load" value is (like somewhere between 80 and 90?) 4) what have you done for knock sensor? did you stub it out with a resistor? The RB25 knock sensor used on the z32 ecu is too sensitive and leads to false readings and pulls lots of timing. 5) did you adjust the K-constant at all during first running. Ideally what you do is drive while datalogging and get the long-term fuel trims to be close to 0. 5b) are you using the Feature pack maps? if you send me your tune and any logs you have, i could have a look at any problems. email me for fastest response. it's my hybridz username @gmail.com
  7. In actuality, the likelihood of a real and relevant response on this is not too bad on this forum. Lots of long standing and active members here.
  8. Silver 1977 Datsun 280Z Project

    Looks like you're making great progress! it's no small job removing the dash. Keep up the good work.
  9. Nice 7 year bump. Hopefully member still frequents. haha
  10. RB25 Fuel Line Questions

    After having a brake line blow out near the back and 1 fuel line start leaking near the isolator when I was fiddling around, I'd say replace all the hardliners going back. Unless of course the car was in a really dry environment and doesn't have any other rust/corrosion, then they may be fine.
  11. Quietest muffler for V8 Z?

    Ya. As per the videos again, the 2.5" they said was really really quiet. So a single 2.5" I can imagine would be really quiet (depending the design).
  12. Quietest muffler for V8 Z?

    Good watch on exhaust size : power relationship. https://youtu.be/_PVXvHkr-Vs Makes me really rethink having just a SINGLE 2.25" axle back on my 300 odd HP subaru. But I too like it quiet. May have to look at trying the Dynomax VT as one member above mentioned. They are surely quiet, but can be a little "unnatural" sounding as the spring flapper opens and closes. Also a good watch on Cast vs short vs long tube headers: https://youtu.be/Y7_lSU3D0jw and while we're on the subject, this one on dented headers blew my mind. Don't be scared to take a mallet to anything https://youtu.be/azPKIjxmmdU
  13. not sure about the RB20 trans, but the RB25 requires a Navara/D21/Nissan hardbody truck sender. Depending your ratio, you can swap the RB20 skyline gear onto it with a little fab work. Details are on this site. Good luck with the build! I love my RB-Z and will never let it go
  14. Help: Fuel Issue (I think)

    Ok. first off, your original post you stated the car is not turning over. This would lead me back to a battery/terminal issue, not fuel related. Lets get things straight, when you turn the key to start it, does it turn over and do so strongly? The way the stock ECU works is that when you first turn the key to the "ON" position, it runs the pump for 2-3 seconds. It won't do it again unless you turn the key to off for like 15 seconds (try to go back to "on" too soon and it won't prime the pump again). Also, it's very unlikely you flooded the engine on an EFI engine provided you do have spark. If you do in fact have spark, then when your pump starts working, it would fire right up. Also, pretty unlikely that your plugs fouled enough to stop it from starting. Yes fouled plugs can cause misfires under higher loads, but the spark required to start the engine isn't that much. But get back to us on the engine turning over first and lets work from there.
  15. Fuel pump relay wiring question

    Did you look at the diagrams you posted? Need help understanding them? You can see the Green wire goes from the relay to the fuel pump. The other side of the pump gets a black wire = ground.