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  1. Zlived

    Hello from overseas

    Looking forward to see the progress brotha. Glad to see other 240z in Europe. Still get excited when I spot one for everytime.
  2. Zlived

    Z432 Tribute Opinions

    One of the nicest build for sure!
  3. Where are you located? I will be visiting in Lodz and can take a look and help you in the direction you need. pm me or give me your email.
  4. Parting out an original 280zxt couple auto Ttop. Engine runs but alternator is bad. the only thing on the car thats not being sold are the CV axles and R200, the rest is up for grabs. Or buy the whole donor parts car for $2000 with rearend and cv axle $1100 Engine is a running turbo motor with the F54 block and P90 solid head. Trying to sell the set up as a whole from computer, wiring, basically everything to get the car running. $100 auto transmission $350 Snowflake wheels with tyres with lots of meat left. $200 Tail lights $400 280zx Front and back struts great for 510 guys to modify $150 gas tank $150 Gauges $250 All Glass $100 Ttop $200 Turbo hood $150 Headlight bucket with sprayer nozzle $150 Front bumper and lower valance Anything else I didn't post let me know and I can get you a price. I can part engine as along as I have people buying majority of the parts. I only have this car for a limited time before its gone. PM me for any questions but if my inbox is full email at [email protected] All parts are located in San Diego and can be shipped and buyer expense but picked up prefered. Cheers D
  5. Zlived

    Hoke z32 trans adapter

    Greetings members, Was just wondering if anyone is selling an adapter for the swap. Messaged Austin and he doesn't make them anymore due to low demands. Pm or email at [email protected]
  6. Zlived

    I got Robbed...

    Dam Tony I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like crackheads to me, hopefully they didn't take anything rare. Other stuff can be replace.
  7. Beautiful!!! can't wait to see the finish product! keep up the good work.
  8. That valve cover.......is a work of art the detail on this head is amazing. It looks like a crown for the head. The ONLY finest looking home brewed DOHC period. No one and I mean no one has done this to this high of a caliber. Craftsmanship at its highest. Derek you are a Datsun king.
  9. Zlived

    Rocketbunny 240z AKA fuguz

    Thats pretty cheap for 2500-3000 for the body. A replica Gnose cost me 3500 and that was just the front end!
  10. Zlived


    If your trying to get a hrs z for under 3k not going to happen. Look at the pattern, Japanese are buying Datsun z and shipping them back to Japan. I got a low number 71 Fairlady Z. Had someone offer me 9k for rolling shell. I laughed, I would rather it rot then sell. Just waiting for the price to climb up! Tony D taught me, you gotta pay to play.
  11. Zlived


    Tony well put!! I used import a lot of parts from Japan, but the S30/S31 folks in the US are bottom feeders and complains about my prices. I get embarrass when a Z owner wants to talk to me about there car but when they go cheap I look the other way. People will have there opinion about what they think they know about Kameari parts but they don't know sh!t except it's too rich for their blood.
  12. Zlived


    Dam this sucks. I'm in the oc area. If I do see it I would call the cops!
  13. I am building an engine on the side and looking for an engine to drop in for now. I am open minded for any types of L6 engine weather it be Turbo, Stroker, Carb, EFI, Stock. I want something to drop in a day and start it up. complete swap and running please. PM me what you got and how much you want for it.
  14. You can still buy junkyard z for cheap But RHD Z are a different story. No need to worry.
  15. Zlived


    I'm sorry to hear it was your car. It's one of the most bad ass v8 turbo Z I have ever seen. It was a pleasure to have checked her out at th JCCS a few years back. I'm glad that your okay.