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  1. Hello fellow hybridz members, Like the title says looking for the metal trimming piece if anyone is selling a set replica be great. Can email me at lostsoul85@gmail.com
  2. If I wasnt in the mist of traveling and busy with work and you still have it by mid next year! THIS IS MINES!!!!!
  3. Best VQ swap and gets better all the time!!! Great work, cant wait to see you driving hard!
  4. got to say the first 1000hp Z I have ever seen. Heard many people claiming 1000hp but never proven.
  5. Come live in the Smog nazi state of california. you find em for those ZX for $2000 all day.
  6. RHDJAPAN all day. fastest shipping and no bidding BS. Just buy it and it'll come. The flares are thinner than MSA but the fitment is perfect. As for how wide they are, its wider than the normal ZG flares. Im in San Diego, if you were closer your more than welcome to swing by the shop to check them out. Heres a picture of it in the front for for shits and giggle.
  7. first place i go to before anything, like my morning news. still here.
  8. i saw you trippin like crazy over the price. lol
  9. Yeah the Arita kit needs a lot of work the only kit I have gotten that is perfect is marugen and it’s OEM spec. Keep up the work!
  10. Who made the G nose? fitmint looks a bit off.
  11. GOOD luck! Seen this car in person and it’s top notch. I’m not a v8 guy but this is done correct and looks beautiful!
  12. You want to buy my SDS standalone setup thats hooked up to my L28et? PM me if interested.
  13. Congrats! hopefully we'll see you again, let us know if you get a new ride even though it might not be a Z!
  14. It’s been awhile KTM! Hope all is well. Seen your car when it was L28et! Still even got the intake manifold. Remember you saying your selling your setup for a V8! Any plans for a new ride or all done all together?
  15. Tamo3 doing it right! I know some people complain about the waiting list, but if you have the money the wait tends to be 1 week.
  16. The red ones are watanabes, you can tell from the lips and I have yet to see a true Japanese person rocking knock off watanabe. That’s be silly
  17. Keep up the great work. I find your website very useful. One of the nicer z builds for sure!
  18. Nice keep it up. Cant wait to see more progress. From pictures its hard to tell with the bad bodywork and paint. Sorry to hear the misfortune but hopefully the new guy can fix it.
  19. They just burnt down. I guess insurance company pays more then customers huh?
  20. Your trying to do business with a hobbyists and not a businessman?, what do you expect to happen? Sorry but this is nothing new.
  21. Clean Z! Stick with stock for low budget. If you love Rebello so much and they tell you to upgrade to 45s....why are you asking if it’s necessary? If you don’t want to upgrade to 45 than why ask? I suggest you look MORE into details why you want a rebello kit if you don’t know the “benefits” of the kit in the first place. Find a $300 L6 motor drop it or just go with V8 if you don’t like turbo. If your stuck with what you want, then go for it. I’ll sit back and enjoy watching the amount of money and time being spent.
  22. Selling a few parts I have all located in San Diego. Just took apart a running 450hp L28et so I upgrading a few parts now. 1) $150 Fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator combo deal. Will work for barbed or o-ring style injectors. Will come with adapters for o-ring 2) $200 shaven and clean webbed intake manifold. Cut off the web part and semi polished. Egr all closed up for a clean look 3) $250 Turbo exhaust manifold with welded in external wastegate flange. Had a Tial 38mm wastegate. 4) $150 Tial 38mm wastegate silver. 5) $275 Deka 550cc low imp injectors
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