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  1. Looks like a great start! Excited to see you get this knocked out.
  2. Help. what is wrong with this tune.

    Jumping into this really late. Thank you for posting your datalog. Your data log shows no Duty cycle/PW during cranking at 180 rpm (excluding what looks like a priming pulse) and your TPS is jumping all over the place. Are you pressing and releasing the throttle like crazy when you are cranking? Something seems off here, the TPS is going nuts and it seems that it never gets to flood clear, but your PW is acting like it is.
  3. Speeduino

    So, I have been a long time Megasquirt guy. I have been in the Megasquirt community since 2003. I am not leaving the Megasquirt community at all, but I am looking at a new brand of do it yourself type ecu. I was introduced to Speeduino about a month ago. I have picked up a 0.3 board component kit and the Ardunio board for about $150 (I already had the map sensor.) Bench tests look great. I am able to use Tunerstudio, and looks like autotune will work on this as well. Although the build is not on this thread, I will be testing this out on a turbo e34. I was looking to see if any other Hybridz members had tried this out, and if they had any pointers. Site for reference http://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/Speeduino
  4. MS2 final testing problems

    Ok, I missed the issue from your first post. In rereading it, it still sounds a bit off. So lets clear things up. Do you see rpm in TS with the stim or just gauges? If no rpm, make sure you have the three jumpers for the opto circuit. If rpm can be seen, you will need to take a look at the outputs for the software. You can have the three leds represent different things. So post a screenscreenshot of your input outputs form basic settings in TS.
  5. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    I am in PG. Right near the G on the mountain.
  6. MS2 final testing problems

    If you are getting it to work on the stim, my guess is that it most likely is your wiring of the hall sensor. A few followup questions, I always used MSextra over megamanual. So referencing megamanual does not mean much to those that are used to MSextra without the link. There are many ways to accomplish the same task with megasquirt, everyone has their own flair when it comes to wiring. How are you getting power to your hall sensor? Is it 5v or 12v? I have not used the 280z dizzy, but I have done this many times with KAs running the 24-2 cam wheels. I wired it as found here at msextra, but I did the 12v steps listed in the notes outside of MS for the 1k pull up (like DIY shows here - I used the 1k pull up in the wiring for pin 24 Connect S12 to TachSelect using a 1K resistor. (Or you can use a 1K pull up in the wiring, between pin 24 and a 12V source.) Just to be clear, you will have power to the hall sensor, Ground, and then the output to pin 24, you will also have a 12v pull up on a 1k resistor on the output line. That will give you a clean signal that you can use on the opto input. you can also use that on the vr, but will have to turn the pots a few turns. Hope that helps Edit: Are you using the DIY trigger wheel or the stock one?
  7. Jboogsthethug's 1971 240z build

    It is coming along nice, one of these days I need to swing by and take a look.
  8. MS2 final testing problems

    Are you using a Hall or VR sensor? How is your hall or vr sensor wired up? Are you using 3.57 or 3.0 board? What input are you running on the ms board? (VR or Opto)
  9. '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Looking at your post again, the bad idle is a likely cause. When you pulled the spark plugs, was any that had different color than the others?
  10. '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Retarding the time lowers HC. What about the catalytic? Those numbers sound like a bad cat, or lack of one to me.
  11. Ms3x install

    For your CLT, it sounds like you are describing how the P90 CHTS are. If I remember right it is a cavity that does not touch coolant. (I have only been around a MN47 once when it was stripped down) A few things, having the temp location will show hotter there at the back of the head vs the front of the block near the thermostat, so keep that in mind. I have mine hooked up in the thermostat housing, you can use the stock 280z housing if you have access to one, it has three sensors, and you can easily use the stock sensor and update the therm values or the GM one using a 3/8 pipe tap. Your IAT is fine, I personally like it right in-front of the throttle body. I have ran it in both places, no noticeable signs of heat soak to the point of hot starts behind though. It has been fun watching your progress.
  12. That is a coolant block that sits under the air regulator, I do not know the proper name, but the job of the part is to warm up the air regulator on hot starts very quickly so you do not have high idle on hot starts.
  13. I did midnight racing at Pole Position last year. It was a good time with five work buddies. The track was in good shape, carts seem to be fairly well maintained, the traction control was a bit intrusive for my taste. As a group we did three heats, Everyone had sore arms, but they still bring up how much fun that was to me all the time.
  14. Project Phoenix

    Work is still happening on the 280z. I have been sidetracked by a lot of other project cars lately. The most important part though. It drives good, just need to spend some time and tune it. Was also able to hook up a three wire Bosch idle air valve to my Megasqurit. That has been the best update I could have made, it makes the car so much easier to handle with the the cam.
  15. Project Phoenix

    Been a bit since an update. Life always takes priority over a car. Shortly after I painted the car, my three year old got sick with osteomyelitis and needed surgery, at the same time I got an opportunity to move to a better company and job. We also had our first girl this month. So that brings the tally to four boys, and one girl. So with all of the medical expenses, I held off spending money on the Z until things settled down. I got the Z back together. I have yet to paint the front fenders, hood, and bumper. But I got the chance to take it out for a drive this past week. I will place the camera not next to the valve cover next time. Keep in mind this was a very crude tune, so I did not get past 1/4 throttle, and was just making sure everything felt right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rowWDPT5F_g After watching the vid, I need to make a mount for the fuel rail as I didnt notice how much it moved around. I changed up the cooling, I am using a radiator system from a 90 e30. That is why you see the expansion tank on the right side. More updates to come.