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  1. Thanks for that. I haven't done almost nothing in past year, because depression. But, i have a feeling that maybe something is coming next winter....
  2. I think you should look at british market for JDM engine. I can feel your pain, we have here in finland maybe even more tight regulations with cars. I can go +20% with power, +25% displacement and so on. Not funny at all. That is main reason i went to SR. It just fit with regulations, but i can always tune it. Lets say double the horses for a start...😁
  3. Seems like you have same sort of plans with Z that i have. Fast and reliable weekend/holiday car. I went to SR20DET mainly because of weight and weight distribution. If i would think now, i would also consider VQ30DET(T). With two small and easy spooling turbos it might be great engine. Of course it has to be JDM rwd engine and needs some custom fabrication. Intake is as silly as VQ35, but these engines are quite cheap.
  4. I have a strong feeling about M14x1.5 Not 100% but i can check tomorrow.
  5. Take a look into my build and you get an idea. Wheel bolt pattern is same as S30, mine has 5-lug with more options with wheels. There are plenty of aftermarket spindles, so you can play almost everything with them. And ofc. control arms, brakes, etc.
  6. I think you should consider diffrent spindles. I have in my car S13 front spindles and ofc. S13 front coils though. With "only" 9" wheels ET35 i have nearly zero scrub.
  7. Sure you can extend them to back. There is even aftermarket bits to lenghten them. " baddog frame rails" I can't find any reason why they don't should not be extend. I have done that with square tube front to end.
  8. Not really suspension swap, but something. Strut suspension is´t so bad, in fact it is like double whisbone with infinity long upper arm. Roll center ~60mm above ground, caster ~7 deg, KPI ~15 deg, near zero scrub radius, and ofc. abjustable camber. What kind of better geometry you have in mind?
  9. My car looks like this: If you mount engine as near firewall that is possible, you ended up with gear lever like this. It is several centimeters more rear than originally. I have already flipped shifter other way around, when it leads more forward. Shifter isn´t straight you know.
  10. So, the prop shaft. I did some research with youtube and get into it. Short piece of S13´s front prop and longer piece of rear prop. Joint to joint 608mm. 10mm clearance. I did piece of tube inside to guide those ends straight, and welded them together in lathe. Then some heating there and here, checking with dial indicator. Some errors and found a place to weld piece of metal to balancing front end. Back en was ok, of course, there were no modifications. I don´t have pics, except ready shaft. But i made some kind of tool to get this thing into lathe. I get back to work in a weekend so more then if anybody intrested... It´s just big live centre with welded flange. There is a welding seam pointed with arrow.
  11. TUME

    2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    1x3 fits better of course, and 2x3 will be much stiffer. I think if you do like i did, rail can be lifted inside the car much more. So i would go to 2x3 and get stiffnes ( and much more work)
  12. Working just fine, thanks a lot! Just finished prop shaft. it´s made S13 parts. Just piece of front shaft and piece of rear shaft welded together. I try get some pics for tomorrow.
  13. TUME

    2x3 frame rails on a 280z

    I did my frame rails 30x60mm square tube. But my rails are partly inside car, floor pan is welded to rail sides. Look at my build topic, if it's working....
  14. There should be caster 1/2 amount of KPI. Said some bloke in a book. Therefore i'm aiming ~7deg. caster. When you have caster half of KPI, camber in steering should be decent.