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  1. I would get near 50/50 with masters and use balance bar with fine adjustment.
  2. It doesn´t tell you what size masters you need straight away. But you can test different sizes with this. There are not so many size of masters, just try different sizes and you see chances immediately. it takes really a few minutes.
  3. http://www.jakelatham.com/radical/info/brake_calculators.shtml#MaxGBraking Try this. I`v got skyline 4-pots front and 2-pot calibers rear. With wilwood pedal assembly. Calculator gives .75 and .625 masters.
  4. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Yep, pic is bit dark, but same spot.
  5. You're a rock star, thanks for sharing dimensions on that rear subframe for me! Cheers!

  6. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    U mean like this. Subframe should be near original angle, i belive. Btw. i have dropped LCA:s front pickup point quite lot, to reduce anti-squat.
  7. Driven Daily Hillclimb 2016 Build

    Does this help you out with calculations? I think i got pretty decent subframe height.
  8. As i say, i went to S13 coilovers. It´s probably not an easiest way to go. Look at these pics and my previous post.
  9. Let´s see, engine is almost done. OIl pan get´s maybe little modification and alternator bracket isn´t done yet. Also exhaust manifold is still on drawing board, i´ll wait until engine is in the bay. Little bit specs: stock internals, ceramic coated pistons and combustions. new Gti-R oil pump and bearings new water pump cometic head gasket 0.040" CR~9.0 squish ~0.9mm slightly modified valve pockets and throats BC cams, ti-retainers, springs, cam sprockets naprec stronger head chain, new latest model tensioner, dual guide modification vag coil packs, etc. turbo will be borgwarner/holset hybrid, dynoed in other engine ~570hp Steering column is moved more to engine bay, by 2" because i didn´t want wheel so close to my nose. Wheel is Nardi classic 350mm, with NRG short hub and quick release. New steering bush is made from hockey puck. Right now i´m thinking to move those gauges to the center of steering wheel. When i get steering wheel center with my seat, gauges weren´t center with steering wheel.
  10. AWD Subie powered Z

    This was a bad idea from beginning, IMO.
  11. Steering column and steering wheel is solved. Engine is almost done, thats about it. Been busy with othèr things lately. I'll get back to it asap.
  12. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    It is bit different to do swap with bolt on-parts. Subframes need lot´s of farbrication and you don´t have anything ready there. Everything must build from nothing. Using R33 subframes, why not. They are just a bit too wide, IMO. Why do I know this shit? Because I´v build R32 rear suspension in my 240Z. You are wery welcome to look my project and after that give you´r honest opinion, did it look easy? By the way, I would´n start to doing this when I was 19.... http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120418-arttu´s-240z-never-ready/?p=1127575
  13. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/120418-arttu%C2%B4s-240z-never-ready/?do=findComment&comment=1127576 Something like that in your mind? My FLCA is about same lenght as S13. This is what get´s you in trouble, KPI increases a lot if you keep strut upper mount in original position. Ackerman related mods are also done, if you scroll down a bit.
  14. Just checked my calculations about roll-center(s). Seems like in my car r-c is ~65mm front and ~115mm rear. Should be decent compromice. Bit of a job to get those figures, with my "modified" suspension.
  15. Those drawings seems to be right. Here is pic how much it takes to modify chassis to take S13 subframe. I had to modify little bit of those frame rails, also, to make room for control arm attachments. It´s pretty easy to found right height. Just mount rear mounts to level with rear frame rails and keep upper arm (camber and traction) attachment points to level.