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  1. Ask for underneath photos. Inside the front fender wheels looking at the back of the fenders, and the lower area behind where the crossmember mounts to the body. Those are common rust points on a lot I've seen around here. A fresh painted car can be just fine, or hide a lot. I think it was called Project Hugo on youtube where a guy in Sweden bought a "rust free" Z, and half the car ended up being covered in fiberglass, so get as many underneath pictures as you are able to. Tell him to put his phone on video and stick it under there and move it around slowly at the minimum so you can get a good idea of the general condition down there.
  2. For an all around car, I think a good starting point would be to go with a gear ratio close to what the factory used with that transmission. A mainly strip car, autox car, or a track car may need something much different.
  3. Datsun lock pins

    Is there a locksmith around thats been in business for a long time near you? Maybe they have some?
  4. If you use a T56, 1st gear will be useless with a 4.08. With a 3.54, it goes by in a second.
  5. With a few new power steering kits out there, would dialing in more caster in the front be helpful? I just installed power steering and will put on short steering knuckles soon, so will need an alignment. I was going to use these specs from the alignment sticky: Street For 225 to 245 width radial DOT tires try these alignment settings: Front Camber: 1.25 to 1.5 neg Caster: 4 to 5 positive (even on both sides) Toe: 1/16" out or 0 Ride height: 6" to 6 1/2" measured at the front of the rocker outboard of the pinch weld seam. Rear Camber: 1.25 to 1.5 neg Toe: 1/16" to 1/8" in Ride height: 6 1/2" to 7" measured at the front of the rocker outboard of the pinch weld seam. For tire widths over 245 try these alignment settings: Front Camber: 1.25 to 1.5 neg Caster: 4 to 5 positive (even on both sides) Toe: 1/16" out or 0 Ride height: 6 1/2" to 7" measured at the front of the rocker outboard of the pinch weld seam. Rear Camber: 1.25 to 1.5 neg Toe: 1/16" to 1/8" in Ride height: 7" to 7 1/2" measured at the front of the rocker outboard of the pinch weld seam. Would more caster be a bad thing? And what about 0 or 1/16 toe in? I have slight toe out, between that and bumpsteer, my car wanders on the street.
  6. How much caster do you think it's safe to go with an all adjustable suspension (TTT) for a street car? I can't remember what I have now, but I think it's a little more than stock. I'll have to see if I still have my photo with the settings of everything.
  7. Are those numbers on a street driven also car?
  8. I also have been looking at a lot of new RWD cars with IRS suspensions in traffic. Porsche, BMW, some American cars.... It appears that they have more negative camber on the rear than on the front. Is this a better way to setup suspension? Something like back in the 50s, 60s, some cars had positive camber, and over the years they figured out negative is better for handling, so now everyone goes for negative?
  9. Did you use the street or track specs for your alignment from the sticky?
  10. 280z efi tank question

    Does the 76 have baffles in the tank? I have a 78 and it looked like the tank had some baffling in it.
  11. I used 22478 for the lower and 21588 for the upper with a steam vent.
  12. Does anyone know what size gasket goes on the collector of the JTR headers? And which is the highest quality gasket to get? I have one that blew out, and need to replace it.
  13. I got the entire column with motor from a pull a part.They charge $45 for the whole unit, just make sure you reassemble it. If you bring it up there in 2 pieces, they will charge you for 2 things.
  14. After having and moving all the parts around my garage multiple times for about a year, I finally got some of that motivation to try to see if I could get the Saturn electric power steering into my Z. Mine is an LS swap with vintage air so not sure if the under dash or under hood part will work with a stock engine or not. Also so far this weekend I only got the fab part complete and only turned the wheel back and forth in place, I haven't driven it yet, or wired it. My goal was to get all the parts in without cutting any parts of the structure of the car and have no welded parts on the torque side of the motor. It can only fit in 1 spot, with absolutely no play in any direction, clocked around 10:00. If you were to relocate the flasher that's behind the AC vent and remove the bracket holding it, it would give you another 1/4" space fore and aft and probably let you clock it to about 11:00. Hopefully once it's completed, it will drive well. I will start at the steering rack and work up from there. Parts used: Woodward UA113109 Datsun U joint DD shaft Dorman 614-001 uni-fit cv joint boot (autozone)...2 if you want to put one on the inside of the firewall also to dress it up Hose clamp ROL exhaust tubing 548510 (O'Reillys) 2 R18Z bearings (Ebay) Saturn Vue steering column with metal control box (not plastic one) 2002-2007 Bruno controller (Ebay) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Saturn-Vue-Chevy-Equinox-electric-power-steering-controller-EPAS-/122354361512?hash=item1c7ce364a8:g:I7AAAOSw0cdZfi49&vxp=mtr Hardened bolt for set screw 5/8 outer snap ring (Ace Hardware) Miscellaneous parts: primer, paint, bolts, welding wire, flat bar, etc. I got the woodward UA113109 universal joint to connect to the Datsun rack and convert it to DD steering rod.
  15. LS1 A/C

    I got the vintage air compaq. It fits, but its a super tight fit. I'm in the south so I wanted the largest I could possibly fit.
  16. I don't get the reply option under threads under the FAQ section, using opera on win10, specifically miscellaneous tech.
  17. Highest quality type 1 air dam with ducts

    I have the MSA front spoiler and the quality is garbage.
  18. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Maybe adding a build sheet section something like wheelwell.com (almost a spreadsheet) , where you can have a build sheet basically with links to all threads that person started might be cool. Also could put links to all the parts used to make it easier for someone else trying to find them. May be too complicated to implement though.
  19. 1976 280z 5.3 TR6060 Build

    How does a 6060 shift compared to a T56?
  20. Fender support pads

    I just got some peel and stick closed cell foam from the hardware store that was the same thickness. Make sure it's closed cell, you don't want a sponge holding water under there.
  21. Old pictures only show as name.jpg

    in opera the extension is called photobucket hotlink fix
  22. I have the TTT rears and was able to adjust everything with them on the car when I did my alignment.
  23. It looks like it has a heim joint on both ends of the back side. Would that be able to move up and down slightly during driving, giving slight caster changes all the time?
  24. vintage air drain hose

    I have a gen 2 compac and ran the drain hose through the original drain hole on a 78.
  25. retrospec dash?

    My friend has big gaps under where the metal piece that goes across the front under the windshield sits over the dash. They are worse on either end than in the middle. Also, why doesn't it have the inset for the 280Z dash plaque?