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  1. 1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    James, I have n/a manifolds. I know you probably wouldn't want the intake so much but if your really having trouble the exhaust manifold could be adapted to fit a turbo with some work.
  2. 1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    Was a blast what happened and why to part out? Im interested in you tuned ecu and maf. DO you have any pictures?
  3. FS: N42 Intake manifold, L28E

    Athoma46, I think this will help you out. Im looking for the same thing only from an 82l28. I think the rod is longer on mine. Doing a turbo swap and all 3 of the screws that hold the rod on my old n/a intake are stripped. Guess Ill keep looking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Datsun-280Z-Throttle-Linkage-75-78-Firewall-to-Throttle-Body-/201664650373?hash=item2ef4265c85:g:3rcAAOSw8oFX0dKR&vxp=mtr
  4. New engine management!

    I should be able to use the standalone for my l28 turbo set up. It's somewhat cheap but sounds like the real deal and Better then magasquirt in my opinion. How much harder do you think the standalone would be to install?
  5. MS Tuner In NJ

    Hey man long time no talk. I apologize for not getting back to you in some time as things have been tough on the home front with the family. I have however been working on z when I have time and haven't forgotten about you. I read up on your work all the time and wish I had the time and money right now to do some of the work you do. You should be proud of yourself most of the stuff you have done to your car is sick! I have put some gauges in the interior and still have a couple to purchase (of course the most expensive air fuel and oil pressure. The old block is out and I took the time to paint the engine bay while I was low on money and had some time to work. I replaced the simple things that I could do for now throw out bearing and soon to be motor mounts before putting motor back in. I was wondering if your still up for the task of helping me with megasquirt. I probably won't be able to really get into it until the winter but I'm slowly gathering the last of the things I need to continue. Mostly fuel and cooling parts besides the megasquirt. I came across a guy that builds custom wire harnesses for mega squirt. www.mackaypowerproducts.com I'm thinking this would make things much easier. Of coarse I don't know if you even live in nj still ha. I probably should have started there but hope things are good and your still around. I appreciate you time..
  6. WTB: 280zx L28et

    Its a shame you are so far away. I have an L28 turbo, rebulit, 25000 miles, 440 supra injectors, stock turbo, upgraded water pump. I never intended to sell it but Im having some medical issues with no money to pay for bills.
  7. 83 Digital Dash Gauges to 78 Analog

    Why would you want the digital gauge? It sucks... I cant stand mine

    You still have that thing ay?
  9. L28et parts, SDS EM-4-6F,$

    I really wish it wasnt Christmas time. That SDS is really getting at me, I find myself thinking about it every day. Im sure you were very happy with the system? That fact that its already mapped out for almost the same set up as mine accept Im running the 440 supra injectors. If its still around in a couple of weeks I will gladly take it with tax money coming. PM is a personal message and then the sale continues from there?
  10. L28et parts, SDS EM-4-6F,$

    Still have the SDS?
  11. Mega Squirt high quality custom harnesses

    Same here I would LOVE one. W2 comes to me end of January and I'll definatly be purchasing one from you mr fricfrac. Thank you for easing my mind. I thought my winter was going to be a headache. Now it's just going to be plain fun
  12. easy to swap L28et

    I have all pieces of an l28 n/a I blew the head gasket took whole motor out. I let the block sit for a month and now it won't turn over. I have the harness somewhere. You said j pipe so I assume you want a turbo motor and I also saw saw you were in nj. Just though I'd let you know what I had.
  13. MS Tuner In NJ

    Oh geeze, thats horrible to hear. I appreciate you letting me know that had happened. I thankyou for you offering to help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Im very lost in which route to go. I want to go with megasquirt for the $ and also to understand how it works as I install it. There seems to be LOTS of information out there and I have no problem reading up as much as I can to get things right. I would also like you to help me do that install as well. Like I said I can pay you for your time and will not be getting into it till after christmas. Still have yet to put the motor in buy acouple of gauges and be ready to wire up. So you have a 300zx motor in your 260z? Twin Turbo? I bet that car is quick..
  14. MS Tuner In NJ

    zmainiac, I know its been some time since you last post but I have finally had some time after purchase of house and getting garage organized to figure out how I want to approach my 83, 280zx over the winter. I currently almost have my n/a block out of the car and will be putting an l28 turbo motor I bought from a guy outside of New York. He wanted me to look him up on here and I have since lost his phone # and have searched for some time to try to find him on here with no success. I was wondering if I purchased an e6k or now an e6x if you could help me in any way. I can tackle anything that I can physically see and if not learn quickly. Electronics Ill admit is my down fall especially when it comes to all the tables and inputs needed in megasquirt and haltech. Im sure that I could learn quickly but would stay away in a fear that I would mess something up. I live down in Atlantic County in New Jersey. Not too far from your shop but not right around the corner. I just want to do my car right and not f&*% s*&$% up as I know many people do. I can pay you for your time and have access to a tralior to transport the car if needed. Still have some time before the motor is in and I decide what EMS to go with. You seem to know what your doing and would appreciate any time you could throw my way in the future.
  15. Wasted Spark Ignition, NO EDIS

    That is bad a**. What a great idea!