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  1. Low compression!!!

    As Chickenman says, try it again grounded to an actual ground. Not at the plug. If no change, Check the cap like he says. Im only familiar with 240z wiring. But with the ZX modification you should have the ignition wire from the tach to the positiveon the coil. I do believe it should be 12v but look into it. There should be a second wire running from the + of the coil to the ignition module. The other terminal on the module should go to the - of the coil.
  2. Low compression!!!

    Ceramic rectangle
  3. If the return from the injectors goes back into the surge tank it will not matter if the LP pump can outflow the HP pump. Any residual fuel which is not used by the engine will be returned to the surge tank (Which 70+% of the time is a majority of the fuel pumped). In addition to this return fuel, will be the fuel supplied from the LP pump from the fuel tank. As long as the LP pump can supply enough GPH for the engine to use, the surge tank will never be low no matter the size of the HP pump. If the LP pump could not keep up with the GPH required by the engine then you would start to see the level of the surge tank decrease. Since the engine is never operating at max power 100% of the time, as long as the surge tank is large enough, and of a decent design it offers a buffer. But besides that point the Carter P4070 is a high flow LP pump. Pumping around 72GPH. Plenty to feed this setup in it's current tuning state i'm sure.
  4. Random thought. But how accurate are FPR gauges in the low end? I searched the Carter pump and it says it operates at 4-8psi. Pending how the surge tank is plumbed (Not the way I believe he had it in my post above), is it possible your 044 is not operating and the pressure you are seeing is directly from the Carter pump? Just a random thought, and it completely depends how your system is hooked up.
  5. His HP Bosch 044 should run through the FPR and have a return back to the surge tank. The frame G3 is filtering the fuel from the fuel tank, to the surge tank correct? It is filtering LP fuel from the carter pump. I don't see issues there. The LP fuel pump doesn't have to keep up with the 044 unless he is running the 044 to it's limits at all times and the surge tank is too small to be used as a buffer for changes in fuel burn. Make sure vent and return hoses from the surge tank and fuel tank are clear and make sense. Positive differentials between the two could cause you issues if they aren't venting properly. Despite how much thought and engineering I went in with my surge tank development, when I was filling up I was only able to get a 1/2 tank of fuel. I realized my venting was way off. Like they say above. Let's get some photo's of your whole system.
  6. Low compression!!!

    The link will move from one engine rotation to the next. Don't worry about it. Turn the engine 3 or 4 more times and it should show one spot 1 as installed.
  7. Reading this whole thread make me believe their may be multiple issues going on. Inconsistent FP from one start to the next makes me believe of a blockage somewhere in the fuel system. How are your filters? Where and what are they? As stated above, FP dropping after shutdown is pretty normal for aftermarket pumps/reguators. Bosch, should hold pressure, but wha regulator are you running? Has this fuel system ever worked properly for you? I think everyone has you covered in the wiring department.
  8. This look like a great trouble free option!
  9. To be fair, both his and mine are fairly modified. Clean up nicely though. If you don't want any dicking around, the 4 barrel intake and Summit EFI is a great answer. Especially if your not looking for an extremely high revving motor.
  10. L28 Cam Profile - 3x40DCOE

    Lobe separation angle is quite narrow so I doubt it was designed as a turbo cam. It states at the top 107.6. Any idea how your math gets 110?
  11. L28 Cam Profile - 3x40DCOE

    Doing a little math it looks very similar to my Colt C542s cam, or previously called the Shadbolt M445. .490 lift, 290 degrees duration. Without me actually looking at the Schneider cam specs, I'd be guessing around their Stage 3, or even their stage 4. Getting pretty aggressive, but still very street able. Lumpy idle.
  12. L28 turbo Oil feeds FROM WHERE????

    Perhaps someone can help out with the thread diameter. I thought it was 1/16th, but perhaps 1/8" is correct. This is the NPT version. BPT would have to be sourced online but is the proper thread pitch. https://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-metal-pipe-tees/=1a1dxdo
  13. L28 turbo Oil feeds FROM WHERE????

    Can be purchased at your local autoparts or plumbing store. It is British Pipe, but NPT does work if you work it nicely.
  14. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Started watching your Porsche series. Really neat to see you attempt the interior and paint work. Things I attempt that never work out as well as a professional. But the pride you get from doing it on your own! Great job, lots of respect.
  15. Alternate Fuel Line Routing

    Makes me feel like an idiot for running my recent 3/8" lines in the stock 240z location. Didn't end up taking the tranny out (Would have been way easier), but the whole rear suspension was gone. Ugh.
  16. My car would do the same when cold and trying to rev. Aka Lean condition. With proper float levels, and a good idle mixture it is possible racier needles have been installed in the past (Do you have a wideband o2?). SM needles or the like, like to idle very very rich to get a proper mixture in the power band. If your setting your mixtures at idle for stoich, then they will be running lean everywhere else. Richen up the mixture, and maybe order some new factory needles from Z therapy.
  17. Where to get exhaust valves for mild race engine?

    I had a bad experience with SI valves. If you do this, ensure you are using bronze guides. This is a must and fairly well known with most builders. My builder did not and it cost me.
  18. Megasquirt grounding

    Split mine up into 2 separate spade connectors. I believe 3 in each connector. Then both spades grounded to one of the starter bolts. I find their literature hard to understand. Your not alone.
  19. Affordable ITB's anyone.

    They will easily mount to any DCOE manifold currently made for the L series...
  20. What year 240sx TPS on L28 engine?

    Both are fine, but TPS are TB specific.
  21. MSA 2.5" Exhaust System

    I put a resonator in my system and it just makes it a little quieter The popping comes from your fuel mixtures. Enhanced by your cam which is less emission sensitive I'm sure. You may not have this issue with the twice pipes, as the exhaust pulses are split between the pipes. Each pulse is alternating between each separate exhaust system. My own theory at least. What are you using for carburetors. Stock needles or modified for your cam?
  22. Boost control

    I've had that thought before, but I do believe there is a large difference between fuel cut and just a lean dangerous mixture. One being, there is no fuel to be lean... No fuel to burn.
  23. throttle cable

    I did the same as Richard. Mine was originally an automatic and I had to remove the "full throttle" switch to get full cable throw. Works perfect now in "mock up" form. Road test to come.
  24. Building an L28 (NA)

    Can you pull the plugs after idling? Might give an indication of no spark vs no fuel....
  25. 1972 240Z Blower Fan

    Are you wanting this for originality? A simple fix could be to switch ground and power wires. Fan should turn the other way.