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  1. jkelly

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    Hi Villeman, I'm away from the car for a while and will not likely be going back until around Christmas. I can let you know when I go back and if you're still interested we can work something out.
  2. jkelly

    List of S30 mods

    All great ideas guys. I might start adding your ideas to the original post and link to each post. Did you end up going with an aftermarket wiring harness? Great idea! Does the original weatherstripping (or replacement) weatherstripping cover that extra 4" piece like picture or did you have to buy a different piece of weatherstripping?
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to make a list of potential modifications for my 240z that I might consider doing and would be beneficial to do while I have the car stripped to the shell instead of going back after I re-assemble it. Modifications can be personal preference, technology improvements, performance improvements, etc. I'm looking for any ideas from you guys. I'm also doing a L28 NA to turbo conversion. Are there any modifications associated with that specific conversion that would be easier to do now? For example here are some of the things I'm considering while I have the car torn apart: New dash gauges Aftermarket seats Seat heaters Blower motor upgrade Air conditioner upgrades Any modifications to accommodate a stereo system Double DIN stereo Any bracket fabrication for Megasquirt component mounting Car alarm Battery switch Keyless entry Putting wire mesh under the cowl so debris doesn't collect in cowl area
  4. jkelly

    240z reproduction dash

    Great pictures. That looks really good. I see what you're talking about. Maybe that's a shadow. It looks darker around the gauges.
  5. jkelly

    240z reproduction dash

    I would really like to see this installed if you get a chance to take a picture, or even just a picture of it on the frame. I've been asking Vintage Dashes for a picture of one installed but they surprisingly don't have one. That's one of the main reasons I haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  6. jkelly

    Extra holes in door for speakers

    Interesting. I think the hole on the left he used for speaker wire. It's also on the other door. But the hole on the right I have no idea. I'm getting ready to epoxy prime these and then weld up the PO holes. Didn't want to weld up anything I needed. Thanks for looking at yours.
  7. Hey guys, I think the previous owner drilled extra holes in my doors to route wires for speakers. I'm trying to figure out which holes are supposed to be there and which are not. This is on a 1972 240z. Does anyone have an idea or maybe a picture of this side (door hinge side) of their 240z doors?
  8. jkelly

    Will this plastic filler crack?

    Thanks guys for the responses. I think I probably will go back in and weld the seam if nothing else just for peace of mind that it won't crack. The main reason I decided to fill the seam in the first place is because of the body damage I found hiding there after I stripped the paint. Someone had pulled out a big dent and filled the many holes with bondo. I welded up the holes the best I could but the panel was still pretty mangled and uneven, so I smoothed it over with the Evercoat Short Strand and then the Evercoat Xtreme. The issue with trying to hammer and dolly this section is the large structural supports behind the panel keep you from getting a hammer OR dolly back there. I wasn't sure how to fix it. Any advice or comments on the original situation? The hiding damage. These holes were all filled with bondo and the metal was very uneven: I welded the holes, but the metal was still uneven. I filled over the welds with Evercoat Short Strand. The backside was mostly inaccessible. More holes on the side of the quarter panel. I ended up welding these and filling over that with Evercoat Short Strand, too.
  9. Hi, On my '72 240z I smoothed out the rear lower panel seam where it is spot welded to each lower quarter panel. I first sand blasted the seam then applied Evercoat's Short Strand Fiberglass Reenforced filler, which they advertise as a seam filler and as being waterproof. I then used Evercoat's Rage XTreme Plastic filler over that. Do you think this area of the car will see much flexure? Will it crack over time? Should I go back and weld the seam? I've sprayed epoxy and high build polyester primer, so I'm not too far to go back, I guess. Pictures for reference
  10. jkelly

    Turbo exhaust manifold $150

    Email sent.
  11. jkelly

    Block/Head Combo options

    Thanks for the replies guys. I get what you're saying. I would hate to destroy some nice forged pistons while learning how to tune the setup, though. I've heard of people doing this and other people recommending learning to tune on cheaper cast pistons then upgrade to forged. Don't some people run up to 300 - 350 whp on cast flat tops + P90 and pump gas if detonation is under control? Maybe not. I'm certainly still learning. I think TonyD ran (runs?) a boosted L28 with flat tops and N42 at 8.5:1 CR. I'm not sure what kind of power he's making.
  12. jkelly

    Hood near SoCal

    That's really unique and cool! I remembered last night that I may still have the hood from my old 280z, but it's a long shot. I'm going to go look this evening. I'll get back to you. My current hood was warped by the sand blaster and in the process of trying to fix it things started getting worse. So, now it has a lot of filler on it -- no more than about an 1/8 inch, but it's over a large area. Ugh.
  13. Located in Tehachapi CA. Seller pays for shipping. Freshly painted original 240z front sway bar - $45 shipped New Red Prothane 18mm sway bar bushings - $15 shipped New Energy suspension polyurethane sway bar end links - $15 shipped
  14. jkelly

    Hood near SoCal

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 240z 260z or 280z hood in good condition in the southern California area or nearby. I'm willing to drive several hours. Let me know!
  15. jkelly

    240z 260z 280z hatch

    Gotcha. Thanks guys. I imagine shipping would be pretty expensive from there to CA.