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  1. jkelly

    N47 Rebuilt and Upgraded Head

    Thanks I'll try that. Out of curiosity what head are people looking for these days? P90?
  2. jkelly

    N47 Rebuilt and Upgraded Head

  3. I had this head rebuilt years ago and only ran it a few times before pulling the motor again. Head specs: 1978 N47 Resurfaced head Resurfaced rockers 3-angle valve job 300ZX springs Schneider Stage 1 Cam (260/260 duration, 0.460" lift) I'm strongly considering going turbo since I have a rebuilt P90 sitting on my bench. If I can help pay for the turbo build using this head that would be great. What do you guys think I could get for it? Thanks,
  4. jkelly

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    I have it but do not have the clutch pedal itself. Sorry.
  5. jkelly

    1975 280z Part Out, bushings, and more

    The Z is in Mississippi. I'm in California but will be at the car again around the holidays.
  6. jkelly

    5 speed transmission

    I'm looking to buy a 280zx 5 speed transmission for my L28. Thanks,
  7. jkelly

    2019 Datsun calender

    Awesome! Count me in.
  8. Hey guys, I'm curious what my best option here would be regarding cam selection for a NA motor that will be eventually upgraded to a turbo. Current motor specs: Block: N42 from a NA L28 Pistons: Flat tops at 0.50mm oversize Head: Rebuilt N42 with a Schneider Cam (260 exhaust, 260 intake, 36 degrees of valve overlap, and 300ZX springs) Options: I have a freshly rebuilt P90 head with a 'B' grind original cam ready to go. P90 cam specs: 240 deg intake, 248 deg exhaust, 26 degrees of valve overlap Now my question is would I be better off changing the P90 'B' cam out for the Schneider cam given the amount of extra valve overlap the Schneider has? What are the pros and cons from a performance perspective? I'd like to put the P90 on the N42 block and run that either way at about 8.6:1 CR and run it naturally aspirated while tuning my megasquirt and be one step closer to a turbo. Other engine build option suggestions are certainly welcome. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Holiday pricing! Price dropped to $60 + shipping.
  10. I've been working on the new dash gauges. I got all new Speedhut gauges in 4.5" and 2 5/8" -- GPS speedometer with fuel gauge, tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, and voltage. I was able to re-use the original housings for the 2 5/8" gauges with some modifications.
  11. Bump. Anyone needing a new dash cover?
  12. I had the majority of the original hardware cadmium plated. Here's a picture of some of it. Most of it came out nice.
  13. Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy going through it. I'm really enjoying going back and posting all these photos because it reminds me how far this car has come.
  14. I ordered all new badges from a variety of different places. I ended up completely disassembling the steering column and refreshing the top and bottom bearings with new balls. I also added a couple extra balls to the bearing to tighten up the steering a bit, hopefully. Also, a new glove box badge. I was also able to find a replacement for the needle bearing in the bottom of the column. I ordered new leather upholstery kit from Interior Innovations, including seat covers and new foam. The cardboard glove box was beginning to deteriorate so I did a 1-ply carbon fiber lay up all the way around it to reinforce it. It's not pretty, but no one will ever see it! And it should last much longer now. I reassembled the car, aligned all the panels, shot new primer, and then brought it to a body shop to finish it up. I just couldn't bring myself to risk screwing up the paint on it after putting so much time and effort into it. Here it is at the body shop getting the primer blocked down and getting new primer in preparation for wet sanding. I ordered a new dash from Vintage Dashes. It ended up being pretty nice. I'm currently in the process of installing all new Speedhut gauges and re-wiring the dash.