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  1. 280Z Garage Sale

    Miata seats and rails to 79912 please. Thanks
  2. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    Question, did you change the tranny mount yet? About to mock mine up and thinking of using the frame as well but wanted to check in to see how yours is holding up
  3. Texans, help me out.

    El Paso dont care either. 25% tint. No emmisions needed on 25 year old cars. Basic safety (lights horn brakes and tires). Thats it. Only cost me $8 to pass inspection July 2017.
  4. 2JZ engine build question

    Yes, ebay not easy. Yes fwd face. Throttle body, just anyone that fits. What trouble did yall have? Sorry i meant rear sump. I wrote this really late lol. I'm still debating on ignition. I dont mind distributor but i will need a spacer on the turbo. AutoSport Engineering on Facebook makes the adapter kits and flywheels as well. Made to order so the wait is about 2 weeks. Clutch is Action clutch and local buy. New and guy didn't need it anymore.
  5. 2JZ engine build question

    Cute ain't it?
  6. 2JZ engine build question

    I've ran ebay stuff before in Hondas reliable and more hp than I'm wanting in this set up so i don't count them out.
  7. 2JZ engine build question

    Ill chime in on my current spending. Set up is 1975 280z 1995 GS300 junkyard 2jzge -$200 2007 Cd009 -$600 Mounts -$300 Microsquirt harness -$80 FWD face manifold -$100 Ebay Turbo manifold -$100 Ebay GT45 -$200 Rear sump junkyard -$25 Adapter plate w/flywheel -$700 Clutch kit -$150 Fuel rail -$40 So far $2500. Add another grand or so in misc. All I'm doing is head gasket,head studs rings and bearings.
  8. 1.2JZ into a 280Z build.

    You showed pictures with the cd009 and adapter plate. How did it fit in the car before you cut the tranny?
  9. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    cx mount kit doesnt come with a cross member for a cd009 trans. The kit is 500 but it includes the crossmember for a r154 tranny. I added two more bolts per mount on top to stiffen it a bit and got it to sit better. Also i realized its wobbly because also the tranny isnt on so theres no rear support. And now with the two added bolts, its better. So ill muscle through the lesser quality and settle for the $1000 savings.
  10. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    This is how mine sits with the cx mounts. I dont like the quality. One bolt to hold oit down doesnt look good. Very wobbly.
  11. CD008 Transmission and 2JZGTE adapter

    I noticed you bumped aftsr a few months, what's the chances of the adapter plate being available?
  12. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    ok thanks bro. I was worried id have to send my car back to the body shop for cut and welding. So far i got my CX mounts, Engine, harness, ecu and rear sump pan. Total spent $610. Hopefully i can remain under budget. About the only good thing about living in a border city is the cheap competitive prices. Got any more updates or tips.
  13. 1977 280z bogs out when accelerating.

    sorry my first Z wasnt really thinking. I figured out my problem. Thanks
  14. My 78 280z 2JZnat Build Thread

    Quick question, i saw on a couple threads where yall are cutting the shock towers and rewelding, is that necessary to fit the 2jz? also ill be doing the cd009 trans with the 2j and the cx mounts, i dont mind cutting the interior for the shifter but how far back will it be shifter be? My interior is gutted
  15. Makaofox 2jz NA-T swap

    Damn just started following and Im going to run the exact same set up as you in my 1975. '93 Ge with a CD009. Really hoping for calm seas. How was the oil?