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  1. Can you send me the front 240z grill to Switzerland?


  2. Can you send me the front 240z grill to Switzerland?


  3. Post pics of your z's here!!

    I love your Car. Did u have those wheels widen?
  4. Took my Z to the Dragon this weekend...

    Did u the cop give u a ticket? Or was he like "U know Why I was pulling u over? Your driving a Z I use to have one of these way back when"
  5. Post pics of your z's here!!

    Joel Your car is one of my favorites here on the forum.I really did like it a lot more when it had red buckets. I think u should horde them until someone makes up some s30 carbon fenders. But with the buckets as it looks Kinda currently throws off a little of the sexiness. Beautiful car none the less.
  6. SDS em3 complete

  7. SDS em3 complete

  8. Crunched front end:(

    Very sorry to hear about your z. Reminds me of when I crashed my 75 280z turbo when a lady on a phone merged into me on FWY not paying attention. Mine went to Z Heaven . Yours does look very fixable. I stay in upland Ca if u need any parts I just pulled the full front end front a 72 240z that was red. all parts are in great shape . Let me know if u need anything thing I will give u a deal.
  9. SDS em3 complete

    Price Drop $600 shipped
  10. SDS em3 complete

    SDS 3 System as purchased from shiggy6581(minus the msd )Looks good, comes with magnets, pulley (magnets installed), hall sensor, mounts, a turbo distributor (cracked )stock fuel pressure regulator and everything you need. I'll add the spark plug cables he used if you want them too.Should still have a good tune on it for e85 I believe he made 320whp.Easy to tune for your setup. $650obo plus shipping Here is a more details from the z it was removed http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/101304-350-whp-l28et-setup-for-sale-or-partial-trade-in-mn/page__p__949325#entry949325 Here is where I purchased it not long ago. Reason for selling is I have 2 complete systems and only need 1. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/105160-sds-p90-head-turbo-manifold-pallnet-rail-450cc-injectors/
  11. My car got stolen

    Very glad to hear u got it back .
  12. L28ET

  13. WTB 280ZX Air filter

    I have one pm'd
  14. MAF conversion to a cone filter

    Pep boys also sells these .
  15. calling all blue Zs

    Members Name is MEPH