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5-Lug conversion - What are the options?

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Hello everyone 


As part of my planned 240/260-project I want to do a 5-lug-conversion, to increase the choice of wheels and brakes on the very restricted  German market.

what are good options that let me use the stock chassis (no tube frame car) and as few custom self made  made parts as possible?

I heard that 300ZX-Hubs are a good option, and someone told me that RX7 FD hubs (or even the whole front axle assembly) can be transferred too.

Any other options you heard of/can recommend?


Thanks in advance,



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Z31 300zx front hubs can be used, but in the rear you'll still need some sort of custom option.


Some people re-drill the rear stub axle to accept 5 studs. Other than that, you're looking at a billet stub axle or some sort of new rear upright to accept a completely different kind of axle (like the Techno Toy Tuning Shortnose R200/R230 rear end swap)


Silvermine motorsports can re-drill your stock stub axles if you send them to them if you can't find someone to do it locally.

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