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Complete Differential List (need help)

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redleg    10


Posting a few pics of the differential might get you a few more responses. Try checking the drive train forum ,maybe you will find your answer there. These diff's look the same to me (regarding my Diff reference sheet). The differential covers are probably different due to chassis mounting location, however more than likely the can be swapped. I'm not sure what you mean by the (4 bolt input flange) is.

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NewZed    56

I've been browsing the FSMs lately, planning for a differential swap. The 74 FSM says that 3.364 and 3.545 were available in 1974 but that all diffs were R180s. 1975 shows only R200 3.54 ratios available. But 1979 does show a 3.364 R200. It's odd, but it's there. Haven't seen it anywhere else in an R200. Page PD-21. 1979 also looks like the only year with the 3.7 ratio R200 until 1984.


This is just FSM data, maybe there were dealer options that don't show.

post-8864-051018200 1296278582_thumb.jpg

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