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  1. Hi, Can anyone who has done the conversion give me a brand name and website for a good two and four fuse blocks? I have a 260z that needs upgrading and down the line a 280z if needed. Leskinen where did you get your block? Thanks, JB
  2. Theatriks, Did you purchase your seats yet? If yes, how did they turn out? I had Recaros in my 260z using Recaro brand brackets and just bought Recaro brackets to mount Recaro seats in my 280z. They fit fine in the 260z. I replaced them with Miata seats for the time being as I am turning the interior to tan from black. I will let you know, after I mount the Recaros in the 280z , how they fit. JB
  3. jbryan

    BMW Seats

    psdenno,I know this is an old tread but I could not get the links you posted to work. can you send me a image of this or a new link? Also any pictures of the e30 seats mounte in a Z would be great. Thanks, JB
  4. I ordered a Master Cylinder from Advanced auto. I am using an old master booster from a 1976 280z pulled from a running car. Advanced auto and O'Rielly had rebuilt MB for sale. I willlet you know how it goes. JB
  5. Any pictures of the convertible? JB
  6. Do you or do you know any one who makes the chrome rings? Thanks, John
  7. I put them in my 260z convertible with the recaro sliders and adapters. They work and look great.
  8. I found this post and I am actually trying to install 240z struts with a one inch drop into a 280z '78. Can this be done or will it be too short? Thanks, JohnB
  9. Not to beat a dead horse - but can you use an aftermarket rotor such as the vented, slotted and cross drilled rotors of r1 concepts that are made for the stock 240-280z calipers with the S12, S12W or later 86-88 S12+8 Toyota calipers without using the rotor spacer? I am trying to save the $100-150 cost of the spacer. Thanks, John
  10. I have a 260z convertible and I use it as a daily driver from April to November. It is old school with a 2.8 block, E31 head, a 6 into 2 into 1 header, 3 inch exhaust, 240z SU's, K&N with airhorns, electronic ignition, Nardi Wood steering wheel and Recarro seats. I drive about 40 plus miles a day to work, mostly freeway. It is such a blast when the roads are clear or traffic is spaced out. I love hearing the straight six wined out, blasting through the gears while keeping the revs screaming. The drive can be the best part of my day some times. Yes I am putting wear and tear on it bu
  11. Originally Posted by 5litre z31 old school 15 x 8's with 235 x 65 now a 383 chev After posting my previous question I looked into Bathurst Globes as was suggested. I found this information below. Are your wheels Bathurst Globes or another brand? I really like the look and have seen it only on a few Z's. One was a '73 240z turbo from the North suburbs of Chicago who was selling his Z on Hybridz. From: http://www.aus-ford-uk.co.uk/html/wheels.html "With the popularity of the Globe, various other manufacturers jumped into the market with Globe Daytona l
  12. 5Litre z31 - Originally Posted by 5litre z31 old school 15 x 8's with 235 x 65 now a 383 chev Nice old school rims. Who makes them? Cheers! JB
  13. Thanks for the pictures. I am looking for the type on the 275GTB or 66 Vette. The Camaro type is close but I was looking a little taller. I have seena couple of Z's with them in pictures(Z sport and such). Trevor, nice roadster! I have two 240Z convertibles. Thanks again, JB
  14. Ok, so I already purchased the Tokico Illuminas setup for my 280z convertible before I read this warning. Oops. Well now I have purchased an early 260z convertible and will be selling the 280z. I know Tokico has different part numbers for the 70-8/74 and 9/74-78. Is it possible to use the 280 setup on the 260z with some mods or am I SOL? Thanks, JB
  15. I am also looking for louver/ Shark gill style vents like on the '66 Vette or 275GTB Ferrari. Has any one cut/welded a set or found a set to fab on the fenders? Thanks, JB
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