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  1. I've heard stock rocket bunny stuff doesn't fit well either, so who knows. Looking forward to the pictures, stay safe!
  2. Congrats on putting it together! While I appreciate your efforts and bringing another option to the table, per the forum rules though I will have to suggest any pricing and sale information and such be conducted via PM or better yet setup a post in the vendor section! Also must warn you on the group buy type situation. You seem a driven individual, but in the past several have ended badly. Building and selling is slow and inefficient, but it does allow you to manage expectations and prevent things from getting out of hand.
  3. If you don't know what to look for I would suggest finding someone who does. An extra $100 spent here or lunch or beer or whatever is going to save you weeks of work down the line, and an objective voice to tell you to walk away may be worth far more than that. https://zcarguide.com/datsun-240z-rust-inspection-guide-common-rust-areas/ http://zhome.com/Classic/CommonZRust/RustPrevention240Z.htm Are good links. Keep in mind if some of those are gone it is most likely hiding other things. If the body has completely rusted through I would be highly suspect of the frame rails. Same with the battery tray if those are gone frame rails are most likely affected.
  4. The unit is also meant for ATV's or side by sides. The S30 is a light car, but one does have to wonder how a system designed for 1000lbs will handle something that is 2200+ lbs. I will say I appreciate the price being more on the reasonable side.
  5. Hello, Looks like you posted to the FAQ section that does not allow replies. Please take a moment to make sure you are posting in the correct area. Camaro gas tanks fit pretty well. The later model F bodies are plastic and can be bought for pretty cheap. They do have a slightly odd arrangement in the V8 form with a jet pump and a built in FPR. Hope those help. For me I just swapped to all camaro including the filler neck. You could shrink down the stock filler size to match the camaro tank. It is a 1 inch hose, the datsun one is quite a bit bigger so you would have to use some reducers if you were set on keeping the datsun stuff.
  6. Thanks! We really didn't get a chance to do much comparative driving, the route was long and our breaks were long and we had things to do in the evening to find emptier roads. I would like to imagine in a straight line and maybe even in the twisties I would give all of them a good thrashing , I've played with the BMW before and he had a hard time keeping up even with my wonky fuel pump. I think other than the porsche we were the only car to make it on one tank of gas as well. I think I have a soft spot for the facelift E46, but I do enjoy the E30. His especially, I've never been taken around a corner as hard or quietly. His old setup was running a double muffler so the only thing you would hear would be turbo spool.
  7. Work has been interesting and been keeping me busy, but continuing on. Twinning done correctly: With the brakes somewhat adjusted (after that experience I decided to leave myself a 1mm buffer from the correct measurement). I tested it to find the brakes fully disengaged and the dead pedal throw was reduced by a good margin. I added some rubber isolators to the tank strap bolts as well as loctite, sealed up the hole the new much smaller filler neck revealed, and fixed the fuel filler hose. I even adjusted my hatch which has been loose for years causing a little rattle at speed if a microfiber towel wasn't put on the gasket to help put tension on the aerocatch latch. The reason for all this was a drive a friend had setup. The last time we went, my car was in the middle of the full rear end overhaul. Right after finishing if memory serves I killed the battery and popped a fuse which until was found caused a lot of things not to work. Decided I was going to definitely make it this year. It was supposed to be crummy weather, but as with this time of year it really is unpredictable. The morning started out overcast and cold, but glorious weather waited. The car made it 140 miles with no real issues. As the car ticked cool with the hood ajar, my copilot and I sat around waiting for the remainder of our group to arrive. As much as I enjoy Z cars, it seems like all the locals *cough cough* are down or in progress at the moment. I swear it is some type of curse, only one running Z at a time allowed. However I really enjoy the mishmash of cars the last few drives I have done there were no two cars the same. Had a nice beverage or two (don't worry I was the passenger), and we took off the long way back home through Packwood. Turns out they had an autocross earlier in the day, may have to try and squeeze one of those in soon. By the time we rejoined a major highway it was golden hour. And golden hour means great lighting especially for rollers. So what does this road trip have to do with anything? Well it was the first time I filled up my gas tank to the full mark. With the filler neck hose from a Jeep I bought I was able to make it so that there was no noticeable kink allowing the fuel filler to fill at full speed. The full tank of gas also helped add weight on the rear helping damp balance some of the weight and giving the shocks more weight to play with. To top it off even at our brisk pace combined with some traffic the 3L turbocharged engine managed 360 miles with the 16 gallons. 22.5mpg. That was with some pretty extensive brisk driving. I imagine sticking strictly to cruise we would see something closer to 30 or so. Definitely some faults did rear their ugly head. The car is loud even with the cat and ultra quiet resonator, the first stint we did without earplugs, only when we stopped to stretch our legs did we realize how loud it had been. Some rattles definitely need to be chased. Under extensive driving the seats do get warm, I imagine time for some heat mat under the seats, maybe some insulation and carpeting. Driving position still sucks not sure what can be done short of cutting out the floor or finding some way to make the seat reclining mechanism narrower or jack the front of the seats up a couple inches. There also was some smoke coming up from the shifter, we didn't find anything more than a bit of oil dampness not even dripping, so perhaps it was the adhesive used for the tunnel shield slowly cooking off.
  8. Glad it made it to you! Can't wait to see the turbo manifold. The 2jz water neck looks quite different, so I imagine the length would be different for the water tube to the head would be my guess. I had the same issue with my intake on the 7m, one of the reasons I didn't run an IAC. The solution people came up with is running an adapter to make it 90* or a hose to a remote location. Kind of funny when people copy old designs not realizing the problems they had.
  9. Howdy, Welcome to the forum. Looks like you posted in the FAQ section. This section does not allow for replies. Please look in the announcement section for stickied posts regarding the fault. Also please take a moment to read the forum rules. "There is no best" is one of them. That is because it depends on the individual and their needs. The brakes needed for a drag car are going to be different to ones needed for road racing is going to be different to the ones needed for drifting and so on. As a forum rule there is no best, there is a good fit for a desired application, but no real best. Keep that in mind be specific and you will get more specific response, super generic questions may be sent to the tool shed per the forum rules.
  10. Interesting, we could probably swap setup notes, I too have LC-1 and a megasquirt with individual coil packs, although on a 2jz. Ever do anything with the brakes? The 4x4 "upgrade" feels a bit light at times. Like you can definitely slow down or stop, but it can be quite the effort. Glad you found your solution. I guess understand that the traffic is a bit lower than the past, and some people have moved on in life (RIP) or in pursuits. Help those who remain or check in by making things organized and such even if it is tedious. Sometimes it is hard to grasp who the person asking is or what they have figured out.
  11. I think asking for $1000, and being happy with $500 might be what to expect. Unless the interior is complete and immaculate. Or all the missing parts are stored elsewhere. Depends on the area though, if you have the only early 240z for miles you might have more value to someone close by.
  12. I'd make sure to go over it. Brake lines are important, and if they corroded I would imagine a full replacement of the soft and hard lines might be a good idea.
  13. That is a nice looking Z! I personally really like the snow flakes especially in the 80's color scheme with the gold accents on the wheels. 17's are on the bigger side, you can get them in the same wheel height the sidewalls do get a bit on the thin side and depending on the rim style it can be a lot for the car. The wheels on the GTI are reminiscent of BBS wheels. I'm not sure of the exact model, maybe the BBS CH-R?
  14. Hey Luke, Looks like you posted in the FAQ section, I've moved your post into the wheel and brake area of the forum so people can reply. Cheers.
  15. Welcome to the forums! I noticed you made a post in the FAQ section of the forum. The section does not allow for responses, so I moved your post to the technical section. Take a moment and make sure you are posting in the correct area for responses. You may have to look through the wheel thread. To find a specific setup, or if you find wheels with the correct offset using those in google search using hybridz as the filer may find you more pots. Maybe one of the wheel guy's will chime in. Make sure you read the forum rules and introduce yourself in the new member's section, hope you have a good time.
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