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  1. Since my car is in paint prison I decided to remove the exhaust and have it ceramic coated and re-polished the tips. This way I feel like I'm making progress.
  2. I will take them, I assume you want paypal. Is so txt me your paypal email address to 979-221-9750. By the way do you have these? They go on the long bolt of the tail light. I would buy them from you as well. The body shop lost mine.
  3. The look good, how much do you want for them?
  4. Well let me know what you decide to do, I'm interested in the best set of course but willing to consider other options as long as you can provide some pictures. I don't want anything with cracks.
  5. Did you get a chance to see if you had another set?
  6. Looking for tail light panels for a 280Z. I have attached a picture of what I’m talking about. If they have the center chrome inserts that would be great but not required.
  7. Finally took my car back to the body shop to get it repainted. I just got home from vacation and was surprised to see that my custom floor mats had arrived.
  8. Sorry to hear about your health, hope you get better soon. That's too nice of a car to have it sitting around.
  9. Looking for a OEM, not aftermarket hood for an S30. I'm looking for the hood without the vents, I believe they are from 70-75 but I could be wrong. No rust please, minor surface rust is OK but not rusted through. I'm in Houston, Texas but willing to pay shipping costs to get it here.
  10. Thanks guys, can't wait to get this car done. It has been way too long.
  11. Here are some pictures of the carpet as well as the shifter and hand brake boots I had made with the same stitching as the rest of the interior. I have not put some of the interior trim because the car is going back to the body shop to be repainted and all that would have to come off again.
  12. That looks good and I'm sure it will last longer than automotive carpet since it's designed for more traffic. Mine looks good but I don't like how the backing is paper thin. I know it will not be durable at all. Thank god my car will not be driven daily or I would have to replace it fairly soon. If I ever redo it I will go a different route for sure.
  13. Your build has been an inspiration to me and I'm sure to a lot of other members. It's a solid build and the miles you have put on it since you built it speaks for the quality as well. Congratulations and look forward to meeting you someday.
  14. The carpet I went with it's called Bentley carpet. I like the carpet but it's thin, does not have a very thick backing. I think Upholstery shops must like it because its easy to work with.
  15. Thanks, I have not seen that. I tried making them out of 1/16" ABS plastic using a heat gun to shape it but there is just too many changes in direction on some parts of the fender liner and it just buckles and looks terrible not to mentioned does not fit right. I spent 3 days messing with it and just gave up. I think the best way to replicate this may be a 3D printer but who knows what that would cost. Most people just do without them. I want them on my car because I have seen S30 fenders with dents from the inside from a rock being kicked up by the tire.
  16. Looking for front fender liners for 78 280Z
  17. Finally received the Oil Catch Can from the chrome plater and was able to get it installed on the car. It turned out to be a PITA but what else is new with this car. It seems nothing fits as it's supposed to but after some work I got it done. Now I will check next week and see if the pressure issues are gone. Cross fingers and toes.
  18. Your car is looking great. I hope to be driving mine soon, getting closer.
  19. Thank You, I did that already and confirmed what the engine builder suspected. There were fumes coming from the dipstick tube. I also ran the motor with the oil fill cap off and the oil leak stopped. I'm just glad I caught it now before driving it or some wide open throttle runs.
  20. After running my car at idle for over an hour or so I noticed an oil drip from the front and rear mean engine seals. I spoke with the engine manufacturer and they immediately pointed towards not enough crankcase ventilation. I have an LS3 catch can on my car which I was told would provide enough crankcase ventilation as well as remove contaminants from the crankcase. It was designed for a stock or mildly modified LS3. Good thing I did not have my car dyno tuned yet or I would have blown the seals clean out. After reaching out to Elite Engineering's technical support it appears that th
  21. Yes sir, that's the Hurst shifter boot and the Datsun boot combined. We tried the diode route and we could not do it since their kit has a diode already in place. We were able to get a resistor to work and turn the light off but it was getting hot as hell. We then tried a bigger resistor and then nothing would work. I'm hoping the diagram and harness they sent fixes it. If not we will just have to experiment with different size and brand resistors in order to find one that actually works and does not get supper hot.
  22. I had to have the Hurst shifter modified since it was too tall and leaned to the left a bit too much. It is now centered with the console and the correct height when I install the knob. Once we get the high beam indicator light sorted then it's off to get the carpet done. The high beam indicator light stays on all the time, it's a bit dim but it's on. It appears this is a known issue with the Dapper Lighting HID kits. Somehow the ballast bleeds back ground which turns on the high beam indicator light all the time. I have been working with Dapper Lighting and it appears the fix is t
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