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  1. We had to relocate the wiper delay module to the driver’s side foot well due to spacing constraints in the passenger side area. I was able to get the Cable X Box as well as the T56 Reverse Lock Out Module in the same spot. That’s where the factory ECU was located therefore everything is hidden behind the original ECU cover. We are using a Milspec connector to run all the T56 Reverse Lock Out Module, master cylinder, Temperature sensor (for Home Link Rear View Mirror), windshield washer pump and engine bay light wiring through the firewall next to the brake booster.
  2. LOL, far from it that's why it's taking me so long to get this car to this point.
  3. Thanks Sean, I appreciate that sir. Yea come by anytime. It seems like I'm always in the garage working on the car, I want to see yours in person. Looks really good in the pictures. We should be able to fire it up mine in the next 2 weeks.
  4. Thanks, it was close as the water was rising pretty fast. I had my car on jack stands at the highest setting they will go and we were lucky the water did not get to the garage but our subdivision was flooded so getting out was impossible. I look forward to getting together for a meet. Anytime you are in town look me up.
  5. I had an aluminum bracket made for my ECU which fastens to the same location where all the original wiring connectors where located behind the glove box. I was able to mount the ECU on the inside of the bracket and my Nitrous controllers and relays on the front in order to have access for adjustments if needed. I’m using a stinger distribution block to provide power from the battery to the fuse panel, amplifier, relays and ECU relay/fuse box. The ECU has its own stand-alone fuse box and relay panel. I wanted to have as much of the wiring and computers as possible i
  6. 1 Short Sleeve Black XL 1 Short Sleeve Asphalt XL 1 Short Sleeve Lapis XL 1 Long Sleeve Black XL Zip Code 77095
  7. Yea those look pretty clean, how are the mounting holes? Any rips or tears? Also how much do you wnat for them?
  8. That looks really clean, I assume they only did these vents on the early model S30 because mine does not have that.
  9. Keith, I found these for sale but they do not mount to the factory location, you have to drill holes in order to mount them It looks like they may work though. I still would like to replicate the factory ones if possible but this is an option in case all else fails. http://vintagezparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_6&products_id=1045
  10. Holy carp man, sounds like you had an interesting weekend in Austin. I know some give me a hard time about how long it's taken to do my car but I'm replacing every single wire on this thing. It's easy to run a painless set up but that does not change everything. All I can tell you is that I hate wiring with a passion and can't wait to be done with it. Let me know if you need nay help man, after dealing with mine I'm getting better at it.
  11. Thanks Sean but I think they would need the old liner in order to replicate them right? I do not have any on my car.
  12. I know the feeling man, we are still trying to get all the electrical stuff wired properly on mine. Re-wiring these cars is no fun and games.
  13. Have you tried this yet? Just wondering how it worked out for you since it seems like finding fender liners for S30's in good condition is like winning the lottery twice in the same day.
  14. LOL, looking forward to it man. What bugs does your Z have?
  15. Looks good man, glad you went with gloss paint. I can't wait to get mine on the road too.
  16. Finished installing my Nitrous Filter and line into the car. I was able to fit most of the interior plastic panels as well as run the wiring for the amp.
  17. I bought a couple of Deutsch connector brackets and modified them to hold the O2 sensor harness on the side of the transmission instead of having it hang with zip ties. I just did not want to take a chance and have one of them come loose and land on the headers. I'm working on making the cold air intake as well as running my Nitrous line and filter into the cabin next.
  18. That looks like it, I'm taking a look at one locally tomorrow but in case that one is worse than yours what do you want for it?
  19. Do you have the other side? I need the Right/Passenger side.
  20. Yes, I still need one. If you can provide a picture to see the condition and price that would be great.
  21. Thanks Dave, I appreciate it sir. Thank you, it will hold 19 1/5 gallons. Thanks, I learned a lot during this build and I'm not as good as a lot of guys here that are true fabricators.
  22. The main thing I wanted to accomplish was for the fuel tank not to hang down below the rear valance as well as the tank not being inside the car like most fuel cells since this is not a race car. I was able to finish installing the fuel tank this weekend, I had a 2 inch inlet tube made for it in order to use the factory fuel filler neck. Made the braided lines and tested them under 500 psi of pressure for leaks. The tank has an AN10 outlet which steps down to a AN8 at the fuel filter. It has an AN6 for the return from the fuel rail and an AN8 for the vent. It's a shame all the work we pu
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