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  1. I'm not using the cx racing kit but my exhaust is similar to what they use. I'm using the JCI set up as well. I know some people do not like the compressor in this location but it easy to remove and work on instead of having it buried where it's almost impossible to reach without taking half of the car apart.
  2. Stop by anytime, it seems like I'm always in the garage now that the car is home, I hear you are redoing yours. what are you doing to it? Thank you, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on this car but I finally see the light at the end of the tunel. Thank you, there is a little bling under the hood that's for sure. My engine did 621hp on the bench and I'm running a 200hp nitrous shot in the Texas heat with A/C as well. The radiator is designed with all that into account. It was built by Wizard Cooling, they can design one for your specific application and it will mount in the stock lo
  3. I think Keith nailed it here, it all boils down to your expectations and the level of build you are after as well as what you are going to use the car for. There are shops out there that will do everything for you but will you be happy with their work when they are done is the question, not to mention what the bill will be. Most likely it will be twice as much as you were quoted if not more. That seems to be typical, it has happened to me several times already. Most shops are just going to charge you an hourly rate this way they are covered in case the car you bring has shorted wiring or who k
  4. Good catch Keith, No it does not. I ordered another one. This cap is a 2 piece cap and it's just too tall.
  5. Sorry to hear about you car man, I have been busy working on mine and not logged on here for some time. Glad to hear you were not seriously hurt. Seeing this just reminded me to call Grundy and increase my coverage to what I have invested in the car. I guess you never know when something like this can happen to any of us. Good luck sir, hope you van get back on the road soon.
  6. Thanks for all the information about the lithium battery guys. I may go that route by the time it's all said and done. I have been really busy working on the wiring. That's one of the things I hate the most. Not because it's hard work but because it very time consuming. I'm rewiring the entire car from scratch and as you all know nobody makes a wiring harness for this car. I got the fuse panel from Centech with some of the harness but a lot of it I still have to do from scratch. I will post some pictures of the wiring when I get closer to being done, at this time it's a mess. I did howev
  7. Yes, I don't care for the green battery I just like the flexibility of being able to go anywhere knowing I can get a replacement if I run into problems. How do you like your Braille so far?
  8. Thanks again, the Billet clamps are from Lodestone Billetworks. They can make them in any size you want. Good guys to deal with too.
  9. Thanks, I wish I could take credit for the tubing work but all I had was the idea on how I wanted it done. The work was done by a local shop. I will post pics of the mil-spec harness when its complete.
  10. Thank you all for the kind words, l I finally got the motor in thanks to Mike and Bill. Now the fun begins with the freaking headers. The driver's side just won't fit right no matter what I do. It hits on the steering shaft as well as the motor mount. Also the O2 bung should have been installed at 12:00 but it was installed at 1:00 which will not allow me to fit the O2 sensor since it hits the transmission. I tried reaching the people that made it and just gave up since they do not answer the phone. So I just dropped it off at a local shop to have it re-done. Nothing like paying twice for some
  11. I'm hoping to have it running soon Stock Car Mafia but I have to order the radiator after I fit the motor since they need to know how much clearance I have between the front of the engine and the core support in order to build it. I thought I was taking forever since it has been over 5 years since I started this but dsommer has me beat there. Here are some pictures of the lines. I have a AN8 for fuel feed on the driver's side as well as the AN3 brake lines. On the passenger side I'm running 2 AN6 lines, one for Nitrous and the other is the fuel return. I also fastened the hand brak
  12. I just chrome plated my factory stuff. Most kits I found had too many pulleys and it would be a shame to spend a bunch of money not to use some of the components.
  13. After 4 months in Fab Shop jail I finally got my car back home. I had part of the exhaust done, Nitrous and Fuel line tubing fitted as well as the Brake line tubing done. I should be able to install the motor with the help of some fellow Hybrid Z members next Saturday if everything goes well. Here are some pictures of the exhaust, I will post some pictures of the lines tomorrow.
  14. I'm looking for the plastic panels that go inside the rear quarter panels. They must be in pristine condition, no cracks or any other damage. I have been told the 78 panels are different than other S30. pm me, txt or call me at 281-757-3329 if yiu have them and are willing to sell them.
  15. Good to hear you had a positive experience with them guys. They were great to me.
  16. Good to hear that it worked on your Corolla. I was just pointing out what I have seen over the years. I decided to go cable because of the issues I have seen with the hydraulic set up. Not to mention I did not want brake lines inside my car. One leak and its all over with for the carpet, etc. Weight savings was not something I was concerned with either since these cars are so light already, besides how much weigh could you possibly save? Either way that was just my opinion and you know what they say about those. Keep up the good work, nice build.
  17. I have not seen a hydraulic parking brake set up for the S30 that works without issues. Most set ups are basically line locks which are intended for short time use not overnight or for several days. Some users have reported that they bleed off and the car rolls (if you forget to leave it in gear), others have reported the opposite, that when the release the parking brake the calipers do not release. This all is very dependent on weather conditions like temperature and humidity as well as how long the parking brake is on for. Can't go wrong with a cable in my opinion.
  18. I hear that's a good battery, not cheap but then again nothing good is.
  19. I hear you Sean, I will not drive mine even if there is a slight chance of rain. I will be there to help Mike as well and if he does not need help then I will just be drinking beer and looking at the cars.
  20. I hear you, I wanted to take it to the TX2K event this month but that's not going to happen. I will be at the event supporting my friends but my car won't be there. One bit of good news is I finally was able to take it to the Fab shop in order for them to get this thing to the point I can drop the motor in. I decided to have them make me another fuel tank but out of stainless this time so that's going to take a little longer. The aluminum tank just not looked like it belonged with the rest of the car. I just heard from Centech wiring and they are shipping me my fuse panel and wiring harn
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