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  1. Thank you, they are Milspec connectors. Real easy to engage and disengage. The pictures are from the engine bay side right under the battery tray.
  2. Thanks Jim, I appreciate that sir. I would not passed on it either. Looks like good quality parts.
  3. Moving along at a turtle's pace but moving along. Got a new job and I'm doing quite a bit of traveling therefore the car will not get worked on as much as I would like. I was able to finally get the plate I had made for the Mislpec wiring harness bolted in place and the harness fitted. The plate fits under the battery tray at the firewall and it's not visible from the engine bay. Used a rubber gasket between the plate an firewall in order to ensure water does not come in to the cabin. Working on the fuel tank next.
  4. I bolted my T56 Magnum behind an LS3, I removed the factory trans mounting ears from the trans tunnel since the aftermarket mount I purchased did not use the factory mounting. The T56 Magnum I used was modified to fit an F-Body Camaro, the shifter came out in the center of the factory hole. The stock T56 Magnum shifter point is too far forward. You can purchased the F-Body modified T56 Magnum from Tick Performance. That's where I got mine.
  5. Thanks trackspeed, I'm back on it just needed a break as I was getting frustrated. It seemed like nothing would fit as it should. Finally had the last modifications done to the fuel tank and decided to polish it some. Not mirror finish since I like the stainless pattern to show through. I should have it installed this weekend once I make the fuel lines for it.
  6. I have a T56 Magnum and did not have to modify anything on the trans tunnel. Mine is a 78 280.
  7. After a 2 month break from working on the car I'm back on it, I was so frustrated with the car that if I did not stop working on it I was going to put a hammer through the windshield. I would like to have it ready for some upcoming events around here so I decided it was time to get back to work. The wiring fun continues, I will fit the rest of the mil-spec engine and Nitrous controllers harness this weekend and continue wiring the chassis harness.
  8. I know the feeling man, mine was the same way except my doors were good and I was able to find a pair of brand new OEM fenders. You would be better off buying a good hatch for it than spending a bunch of labor on fixing that one. Ask me how I know.....LOL.
  9. I have not made much progress due to all the business travel but finally got the mil-spec wiring harness fit on the engine. I'm very happy with the results, definitely not as bulky as the harness I had before, just a much cleaner look and every single wire is labeled. The large connector is for the engine and the small connector is for the Nitrous controllers. I wanted to keep it all separate just in case I decide to eliminate the Nitrous in the future my engine harness remains intact. I'm now working on making a plate with a rubber gasket that I can fit on the firewall for the mil-spec
  10. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. Westside Upholstery did my interior. 713-932-6501. Good to hear you like the OsGiken, I hear a lot of good things about it. Can't wait to test it out myself.
  11. This what I did with mine, I used the factory mounting holes because I did not want to drill any more holes in the firewall.. I just made a steel plate and drilled it to fit the pedal and the original mounting holes. It's very sturdy and I think it does not look bad. I'm not sure what car the pedal fits but I took a close up picture of the part number in case this works for you.
  12. I'm still working on the wiring, just taking my time to make sure everything works as it should. I decided to replace as many of the switches I could find new. That's has been a major undertaking since it seems like there are a lot of differences between S30's depending on the year. I was able to find them though, it is crazy what some people are asking for NOS parts for these cars. I just can't leave 38 year old electrical parts and expect not to have problems later.
  13. Holy crap man, that car is going to look like a space ship. Just be careful when flying....
  14. Thanks Jim, there is nothing average about your build sir. In fact most builds on this site have their owners touch that makes them unique. I have been inspired to do mine by looking at a lot of builds on this site including yours. Thank you all for the great work and all the kind comments that has inspired me to continue building my car even where there were times when I wanted to throw it off a cliff... lol
  15. Keith, Wizard Cooling can build you anything you want for your car.
  16. Awesome, can't wait to see it when it's done. I had a guy come from Dallas to take a look at my car and wanted to trade me his Alpa12 GTR straight up for my 280. I have to be honest, I considered it. He had time slips of 8.3 in the 1/4 and some videos to back up his claims.
  17. Yes sir that's them, I think they got the dimensions for the S30 radiator they have on their website from yours. Great group of guys, They also asked me how I would drive my car in order to design a radiator that will work well. We put both inlet and outlet on the same side of the radiator in order to fit the LS motor better, they also added 2 4AN ports, one for the overflow and the other for the vent on the heads of this LS motor. They basically can make it how you want it as long as it does not affect how it performs. You can tell the quality of this radiator when you see it in pers
  18. Richard Oben, If you are going to buy the JCI kit and your car had factory air I have a set of brand new hoses that I ordered from JCI and you can have them at no charge. I decided to use custom hoses on my build and I never used the ones I bought from JCI. Just PM me with your info and I can ship them to you. Here is a picture of what they look like.
  19. I'm not using the cx racing kit but my exhaust is similar to what they use. I'm using the JCI set up as well. I know some people do not like the compressor in this location but it easy to remove and work on instead of having it buried where it's almost impossible to reach without taking half of the car apart.
  20. Stop by anytime, it seems like I'm always in the garage now that the car is home, I hear you are redoing yours. what are you doing to it? Thank you, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on this car but I finally see the light at the end of the tunel. Thank you, there is a little bling under the hood that's for sure. My engine did 621hp on the bench and I'm running a 200hp nitrous shot in the Texas heat with A/C as well. The radiator is designed with all that into account. It was built by Wizard Cooling, they can design one for your specific application and it will mount in the stock lo
  21. I think Keith nailed it here, it all boils down to your expectations and the level of build you are after as well as what you are going to use the car for. There are shops out there that will do everything for you but will you be happy with their work when they are done is the question, not to mention what the bill will be. Most likely it will be twice as much as you were quoted if not more. That seems to be typical, it has happened to me several times already. Most shops are just going to charge you an hourly rate this way they are covered in case the car you bring has shorted wiring or who k
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