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  1. I'm sure someone has done this before me but I'm putting this trans behind a 5.3L LS in my 240z. Most of these parts can be found for good prices on ebay from race teams in nice shape. Won't be as driveable as a T56, but is lighter and will shift faster. G-force GF4A 4 speed dogbox Tilton 7.25" triple plate clutch converted to twin for drivability Tilton rear mount starter bell housing
  2. Here is caliper clearance based on rotor diameter FYI. This might help sorting out wheel clearance.
  3. I imagine you could get away with 16" wheels since some of the 12.2" rotor guys are running 15's with the same caliper. This guy is running the 13" setup + wilwood hats with Rota Rb-R 17's: https://www.instagram.com/datsun570z/
  4. Found out today Wilwood offers a rotor hat for our car that has a rotor bolt pattern of 12X8.75. This opens up a lot of options for rotor sizes. http://www.wilwood.com/Hats/HatProd.aspx?itemno=170-9294 I was thinking of going with the following combo on my 240z: Superlite Calipers with 1.875/1.75 pistons. 13.06" X 1.25" Directional Vane Rotors 12 X 8.75" Rotor Hats Are the caliper pistons too big at 1.875/1.75 for pedal effort with a 0.875" master cylinder? I'm still sorting out what I'm doing in the rear to match this.
  5. Ended up ordering the Extreme Low kit with 7kg/6kg standard springs front/rear for my 1972 240z. I'll post my findings when I receive them and get them installed around Christmas!
  6. As a reference point this guy has the standard length BC coilovers on his 240z adjusted all the way down with 7kg front / 6kg rear springs. They offer a "extreme low" version with shorter struts that I will likely get since I'm running 17's. https://www.instagram.com/themattway/ Jon, I'm not sure if they are built as a shock or strut.
  7. Those are 4.4 back spacing or 4.6" forward spacing. I doubt those would fit under the stock fenders. You would likely need the 0 offset version in the same size with coilovers to fit under the factory fenders. http://www.enginethusiast.com/wanagan-midnight-bobby-1972-datsun-240z-1974-mazda-rx3/
  8. Found this today when I was trying to justify putting BC coilovers on my extra 240z. Looks like the BC's use 46mm pistons and can be rebuilt with Bilstein pistons! Might be a great option for those that want more valving options than are available on the P30-0032 dampers. http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-1st-gen-1993-1997/770149-diy-shock-revalve-parts-1-3-a.html
  9. Bilstein 36mm inserts fit 280z struts from my experience.
  10. I won't be running a gland nut to clamp the top of the strut but plan on running a shim to center the strut in the housing. These inserts are designed to slide into stock 3000gt housings and be bolted in at the bottom. I may just bore out my factory gland nut to be the shim that centers the strut in the housing. Ill be working on this in the coming month so i'll keep you posted.
  11. From what I've found the R36-5022-H0 (3000GT) damper fits in the 280z strut housings. This features a 36mm piston and 4" stroke stock. You can cut the bumpstops in half and have a stroke of 5.25". These feature a lower mounting stud, so no gland nuts are required to mount into the strut housing. If a 36mm damper is sufficient for the S30s in tarmac applications, what would the benefit be of going to the new motorsports 36mm unit over an off the shelf 36mm strut from bilstein in a 280z housing? I wonder if the same pistons and shim stacks are available? Here is the R36 strut: http://www.allshocks.com/productimages/R36-5022-H0.jpg
  12. Interesting development from Bilstein that i'm curious about. It's really at the upper end of what I would spend on a non adjustable strut, but I am curious how well these 46mm struts would perform on a 240z: http://www.bilsteinus.com/uploads/tx_templavoila/Bil_46mm_UniMtrsprtsStruts_flyer.pdf
  13. Two years bump! Are there any new strut options worth looking at for a track car beyond what has been previously discussed in this thread?
  14. Eventually I'll get back to this. My interest with this has more to do with rear weight bias and traction for roll racing.
  15. Present state of DD. Needs flares remounted in rear and a inch or so lower in the front.
  16. I was trying to get an idea of where I would put the large turbo in my compound arrangement. I think this will be the basic layout. I need to verify that this will all fit with the thermostat housing assembled. The Top turbo is a Borg Warner s300sx3 66mm/91mm compressor & 79mm/73mm turbine with custom 1.10 a/r housing from full-race. On its own is good for ~775whp. The lower turbo is a Borg Warner S400sx4 80mm/110mm compressor & 96mm/88mm turbine w/ 1.32 a/r housing. This turbo is good for about 1175whp currently. I'm looking at 3 or 4 different compressor wheel upgrades. I will likely go with a compressor with the dimensions 88mm/118mm. The goal is to get it to support ~1250-1300whp at a pressure ratio of 2:1. The whole reason for doing a twin turbo compound configuration is for more area under the curve. The small turbo will spool to ~30psi initially. This added exhaust energy will allow the larger turbo to spool up sooner. It will also only be spooling to 15psi, instead of 45psi. This all equates to a system that will come up on full boost 1500-2000rpm faster then the big turbo would by itself. This will then allow me to not have to rev the engine beyond 7500 rpm, increasing durability. The added benefit is the turbos are each only running at pressure ratios of 2:1. They will barely be breaking a sweat when I'm running 45psi and making 1200+whp The engine is being solid mounted to the tube frame. I do have lots sheet metal to cut away to make room for all of the new piping. The down pipe from the small turbo will feed into the turbine housing of the large turbo. The compressor outlet of the large turbo will feed into the compressor inlet of the small turbo. The compressor outlet of the small turbo will go to the intercooler. Link for more information on the two turbos I'm building this kit around: http://www.full-race.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=214_1167
  17. Have you seen a benefit to use two 60mm wastegates on this new setup vs a single 60mm gate on the previous build?
  18. Are you running both 60mm wastegates to bypass exhaust gas around the smaller turbo?
  19. I will likely pick up a 240z to put all of my spare parts I've collected onto. I will be using the Nissan R230 Differential with my Gforce GF4A transmission.
  20. Fronts are going to be a 18X10.5 wheel of the same style as the rear. I will have a 285/30-18 front tire. The front and rear fenders are from reaction research and are called 280YZ. http://www.reactionresearch.com/280yzgallery.html
  21. All the pictures I've taken so far are here: http://s522.photobucket.com/albums/w346/Justin_Olson/2JZGE/?albumview=slideshow
  22. That car runs 15's at the track with 28X10 tires. http://www.turbomagazine.com/features/0803_turp_nissan_350z/index.html
  23. Nope, Corvette C5 rear suspension and a R230 Diff.
  24. With a large diameter tire you need to do lots of suspension changes to get a Z low. PITA really. Here's my 18x12 with a 345/35-18. This tire will not fit properly with a stock inner fender well. Its just too wide even with these YZ fenders. In these picture the tire is pushed all the way in against the inner fender wall and all the way up against the top. I want to lower the car more and have a bit of compression travel from static so its a all new inner fender and suspension.
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