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  1. Your trying to do business with a hobbyists and not a businessman?, what do you expect to happen? Sorry but this is nothing new.
  2. Clean Z! Stick with stock for low budget. If you love Rebello so much and they tell you to upgrade to 45s....why are you asking if it’s necessary? If you don’t want to upgrade to 45 than why ask? I suggest you look MORE into details why you want a rebello kit if you don’t know the “benefits” of the kit in the first place. Find a $300 L6 motor drop it or just go with V8 if you don’t like turbo. If your stuck with what you want, then go for it. I’ll sit back and enjoy watching the amount of money and time being spent.
  3. Selling a few parts I have all located in San Diego. Just took apart a running 450hp L28et so I upgrading a few parts now. 1) $150 Fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator combo deal. Will work for barbed or o-ring style injectors. Will come with adapters for o-ring 2) $200 shaven and clean webbed intake manifold. Cut off the web part and semi polished. Egr all closed up for a clean look 3) $250 Turbo exhaust manifold with welded in external wastegate flange. Had a Tial 38mm wastegate. 4) $150 Tial 38mm wastegate silver. 5) $275 Deka 550cc low imp injectors
  4. Building a “dream” ride right now 10+ years and still considered a paper weight. Still staying the same and true to what I wanted to build. Fairlady Z early model L28 stroker Sk sport injection ITB Type 2 surge tank Trust exhaust manifold Big turbo just the start of the list but making it into reality is a whole different story. Just another of those Devil Z engine build that everyone wants to build but never does anything. But I’ll drop a teaser pic tire from my instagram
  5. Don’t have it was in bad shape
  6. PM sent I have that setup on hand no wait time.
  7. Update. Everything is sold or destroyed.
  8. Just found this thread thanks to Gollum on resurrecting it from the dead. Keep us posted on your work/events please! great content and who gives cares weather its for grip/drifting? He's driving hard and having FUN! got instagram?
  9. He seems to not be answering. any other leads be great! thank you once again great community.
  10. Your the BEST!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Let you know how it worked out.
  11. Looking for mikuni short maniold with our without linkage in any condition. if anyone can point me a direction be great. Cheers Donald
  12. Looking forward to see the progress brotha. Glad to see other 240z in Europe. Still get excited when I spot one for everytime.
  13. One of the nicest build for sure!
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