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  1. TravRMK

    280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

    Very nice! I just picked up an 02 mustang Gt with plans to do a similar swap, but will be auto and a single turbo. Hoping to get started soon. Been waiting for the weather to cool down a bit. You have done a great job!
  2. TravRMK

    What was your first ride???????

    1969 Toyota carona two door. My uncle gave me three of them to make one when I was 12 years old. Finished it when I was 14, beat the hell out of it. Wished I still had it.
  3. TravRMK


    On a budget. the SBC will win everytime in the dollar vs. performance war. Stroker 3.1 will cost many times more.
  4. TravRMK

    Paintball sentry

    This would be cool to have.
  5. TravRMK

    My exhaust system and manifolds done

    Verry nice indeed!
  6. Very nicely done. Love the car. Now go get that Haltech installed and turn up the boost!
  7. TravRMK

    Twin Turbo L28et manifold. Good deal?

    You should at least try it out. Two holsets....MMMMM... crazy!
  8. TravRMK

    Help choosing new firearm!!?

    That looks like a nice supressor! I say get the can, and hope that firearm purchases will not become difficult or impossible in the future. I can see supressors getting banned before guns. Bans in the past have grandfathered in personally owned items that were banned. So as long as you own it before they ban, you should be good.
  9. TravRMK

    Ken Block vid Impressive car and driver!

    Yes, I just wish I could drive half that good.
  10. I thought this was pretty cool. edit: Supposed to be Ken Block
  11. TravRMK

    .40 S&W pistol suggestions

    Or the amo. I know my XD did not like the inexpensive factory reloaded amo. I reload all of mine, and it likes the 135gr nosler holow points.
  12. TravRMK

    HondaS2000 Push start button in 240z

    I can see that if you wired in a different ingnition switch, and put the start button under the drivers seat, and removed the lock in the ignition cylinder. One of the first places a thieve would look would be the console compartment for keys/money etc.