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  1. TravRMK

    280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

    Very nice! I just picked up an 02 mustang Gt with plans to do a similar swap, but will be auto and a single turbo. Hoping to get started soon. Been waiting for the weather to cool down a bit. You have done a great job!
  2. I thought this was pretty cool. edit: Supposed to be Ken Block
  3. TravRMK

    What was your first ride???????

    1969 Toyota carona two door. My uncle gave me three of them to make one when I was 12 years old. Finished it when I was 14, beat the hell out of it. Wished I still had it.
  4. TravRMK


    On a budget. the SBC will win everytime in the dollar vs. performance war. Stroker 3.1 will cost many times more.
  5. TravRMK

    Paintball sentry

    This would be cool to have.
  6. TravRMK

    My exhaust system and manifolds done

    Verry nice indeed!
  7. Very nicely done. Love the car. Now go get that Haltech installed and turn up the boost!
  8. TravRMK

    Twin Turbo L28et manifold. Good deal?

    You should at least try it out. Two holsets....MMMMM... crazy!
  9. TravRMK

    Help choosing new firearm!!?

    That looks like a nice supressor! I say get the can, and hope that firearm purchases will not become difficult or impossible in the future. I can see supressors getting banned before guns. Bans in the past have grandfathered in personally owned items that were banned. So as long as you own it before they ban, you should be good.
  10. TravRMK

    Ken Block vid Impressive car and driver!

    Yes, I just wish I could drive half that good.
  11. TravRMK

    .40 S&W pistol suggestions

    Or the amo. I know my XD did not like the inexpensive factory reloaded amo. I reload all of mine, and it likes the 135gr nosler holow points.
  12. TravRMK

    Nissan GTR vs. Corvette ZR1

    Two of my favorite cars, both are pretty impressive to say the least.
  13. TravRMK

    HondaS2000 Push start button in 240z

    I can see that if you wired in a different ingnition switch, and put the start button under the drivers seat, and removed the lock in the ignition cylinder. One of the first places a thieve would look would be the console compartment for keys/money etc.
  14. TravRMK

    HondaS2000 Push start button in 240z

    Yes you have to have the key to unlock the steering wheel, and turn the ignition on, unless you hide a separate ignition switch. A stock Z or most any other car has a keyhole that you insert a key, turn part way to ON, then turn a little farther to enguage the starter motor. Having a visible "enguage the starter motor" button would have little to do with whether the car gets stolen or not. I bought one off ebay from a Prius to put in my car, but I think I like the S2000 button better.
  15. Have you thought about a dry sump setup?
  16. TravRMK

    HondaS2000 Push start button in 240z

    You still have to have the key in the run position for it to start. Can't theives see your keyhole there now.
  17. Wow! That engine is a monster. I would go down and back by massaging the firewall alot.
  18. TravRMK

    .40 S&W pistol suggestions

    Do you have a Sportsmans Warehouse where you live? That is where I bought mine, and they had the best price I could find localy. I bought mine when they first came out, and all they had were the 4" regular ones. My barrel and slide are tight, and so is the 5" tactical that a buddy of min bought a couple of years after me. The trigger is OK, not anywhere near a good 1911 trigger, but it is acceptible. If you want to feel a terrible trigger, check out a Walther P99. I bought one of those, and tried to like the gun, but couldn't get past the trigger. It felt like you had to pull it 6" before it would fire, and it was stiff! I sold that gun, and haven't regreted it one second.
  19. TravRMK

    Towing a Z behind an Odyssey?

    I agree with others. Just get you a cheap old american truck. You can find old domestic trucks in the $1000 range that would fit the bill easily. Here localy a co worker picked up a 1978 Chevy 3/4 ton with a rebuilt 350 for $700 6 months ago, and has daily drove it without any problems.
  20. Wow, that turbo is HUGE! What are the turbo specs?
  21. TravRMK

    Video of my VQ35 running :)

    I love the sound!
  22. TravRMK

    365hp 327 on 93 pump gas ok?

    If the heads are stock, and haven't had the valve seats replaced, you will either have to replace them with hardened seats, or add a lead substitute to the fuel everytime you fill up..