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  1. If you have a few alligator clips and wires, you can test out which wires connect to the reverse lights and the neutral safety switch. If you can, just grab the whole pedal box and swap it. Your wrists and back will thank you as swapping pedals (at least for me) was the worst thing in the world! You will have to custom bend a hardline from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. IIRC a 4' section of line from NAPA does the trick. And in that vein of thinking I replaced the stock rubber hose piece with a stainless one from MSA. Good luck!
  2. I have a pair. used to be white, then got painted black. Good shape, have all the mounting studs! From a '77 hood. (Can have to hood too if you want, its straight!)
  3. Sent you an email, I have a Dizzy and a pully from a fresh L28 block.
  4. Dang! This is a pretty sweet deal! However I picked one up a few days ago! Has some 20cc domed pistons and a E31 head. Thanks for the offer though, its much appreciated!
  5. Hey everyone! Been lurking for a bit, but I decided I'd post here. Looking for a "complete" F54 block with flat top pistons to start a rebuild project on. Would like it to have the crank, pistons, rods and timing cover. Would like it to be located in NW Oregon. Willing to drive to get something. Looking to spend around $100. Thanks!!!
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