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  1. I would like to buy your pdk dash asap, you can e-mail me at mbindhammer@hotmail.com or call or text me at 832-488-8737

  2. Do you still have the ccw

  3. hello

    do you still have Arizona Z car 5 lug brake kit for sale?

  4. Jaime,

    Hey, need to hear from you soon on the parts. I was willing to start driving today to get there by Saturday. I still would like to make the purchase, but may have to send you paypal or payment of your choice to lock in a deal until next weekend. I have three day weekend next week (sat,sund,mon)




  5. im interested in the zg carbon flares and the clear oem headlight covers. if they are not sold please let me know.



  6. giving up on the project Datsun ..........

    1. Mike260z


      PM has been sent about the pdk fiberglass dash!

  7. I just posted one on craigslist. I also have the matching adapter to fit an early Z car. And I'm in the bay area http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/2562947084.html I also posted a matching shift knob and leather boot: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/2562870783.html
  8. I was thinking House of Kolors "true Blue Pearl Shimrin" .I used to have a car that color and it looks very similar.
  9. Here is a pic of the unassembled parts from Ross (glad I took pics!) You can see the caps with built in stop on the lower right. Hope this helps.
  10. I went through the same thing with the MOMO pedals. Here's what I did: I got some thin foam pad to put between the gas pedals. This helps the curve differences. I was thinking about trying to bend the pedal, but I didn't want to damage anything. Get a longer screw for the hole that is over the rod. Trim the back of the screw as flush as possible once it's installed so that it doesn't snag on the carpet. I did this first and it worked just fine. A few days later, I couldn't leave good enough alone, I tried taking a small grinder to the rod so the screw could be even more flush on the back but this was just a bunch of unneccesary work if you ask me. On more thing I did was trim the oem gas pedal so the would be the same length. On my set the MOMO pedal was about 2in. shorter than the oem. I guess Italians have small feet... Hope this helps. I'll try and get some pics. My car is in pieces right now so we'll see....
  11. damn! I was hoping this thread was about Towlie
  12. I would say go ahead and get a gas cylinder while you're at it. You will be much happier with the finished result over flux core. And also start looking around for supplies to make a power/ext cord. Some 10/3 wire and the right ends will do the trick. Nothing worse than having a new toy and not being able to play with it because it's got no juice. One thing I would NOT recommend buying is a cart for it. This will make a nice "first" project for you! Have fun, I wish you were closer, I am selling my MM175
  13. what's really scary is alot of those idiots are here in california, not surprising, but very scary........
  14. ...somebody call the Smithsonian. Looks like we found a little piece of the past......
  15. drooooool........ I would have a hard time returning home without that.......
  16. Road trips are always fun! Are you taking a friend along or at least a truck and trailer? Make sure you are prepared to buy the car if you really want it, no sense in making 2 trips, right? Good luck with the car!
  17. Hey no problem! My friend now has the wheels and I confirmed the tires were 245-45 so you should be good to go. I found this pic on my computer to show you what the 17x8 looked like in the rear: The car was gutted at the time so it's sitting a bit high.....
  18. jaime240z


    GT 5 lug wheels
  19. I have that same set-up, nice kit indeed. I used oem Ford wheels off a '99 GT 17x8 wheels no problem on all 4 corners. 17x9 would be colse in the rear but you should be ok if you have your fenders rolled. Keep in mind this is with coil-overs, so hurry up and get that done. I believe the tires that were on there were 245-45-17 if memory serves right. I don't have those wheels/tires anymore so I can't go in the garage to verify, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Hope this helps.
  20. dang, I just thought that was my computer's "bimmer blocker" feature working. I paid good money for that
  21. Hey man it sounds like a good day! Like the others have said take your time and get to know her, it sounds like you're on the right path now. But be sure to finish stages 2.5 through 5 before you get too deep and the car gets put on the back burner. Not that I'm speeking from experience or anything ......
  22. That guy is nuts.? And he really knows how to whore out question marks like they're going out of style.?
  23. Maybe Redwood Rd....? Sounds like fun but be carefull, there's a chippie's office there in CV and I hear they're "cracking down".
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