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  1. looking for a clsd 3.7 or 3.5 diff from a 84'-89' 300zx .
  2. my pass side window broke so i nedd another one hmu if you got one thanks, Allen
  3. my pass side window broke so i nedd another one hmu if you got one thanks, Allen
  4. it happens off and on the throttle, and also when i do a small tight turn on the brakes, like x'3 "x cubed" shaped graph on a graphing calculator. the rear feels soft and sways quite a bit and i THINK?that causes it to break loose.
  5. ok sounds like a plan ! im not an experienced driver.... it would be nice if you guys could dive my car and see what im talking about. it kinda feels like i need stiffer springs in the back. i'll be back with skip pad results haha.
  6. i have blue tokicos all around '4 corners' with tokico springs-F&R, everything came in the kit.
  7. thanks every one for the replies ! ok so i've tried going through that same corner with some falken azenis 615k 195/60r14 in the rear and same thing happened, the rear starts to come around. and yes the rear breaks loose :/ i wish it didnt. i know those are still skinny tires, i want 17x9 with at least 255 tires in the rear when i can afford it. Why will removing the rear sway bar help my problem? im gonna try it, but i'd like to know how that works. haha and there arent any loose live wires in that car... they are all for the engine. i do have to do ghetto stuff to make my windows work ha. im very lazy when it comes to wiring. i'll clean it up one day
  8. hey guys i'v been looking on line for answers to solve my sloppy rear suspension, i have the tokico lowering kit 'springs and blue shocks.' i have a 5.3 lm7 with a saginaw 4 speed trans. stripped interior ' no dash' and new 195/70r14 tires, and new poly bushings all around. the set up feels alright when im cruising around and in straight lines but when i start going 65ish mph through a long fast turn i feel the rear wanting to spin. 1) I wonder if my car is unbalanced since i have the v8 up front and only the fuel tank in the back?i did position the engine as close to the fire wall as possible when i made my motor mounts. 2) And if its not because of weight distribution is it because i dont have the correct spring rates for my set up? what would you recommend on the springs F and R ?
  9. check this out i ended up making these suckers i reaally like them.
  10. 5 speed non world class tranny = 90 lbs, i used my bathroom scale. i weighed myself on it and like on all other scales i weighed 172, so my scale is accurate
  11. sick garage!! i want one like that one day...
  12. thats gonna look sick!!! post pix when you get them mounted!
  13. top 5 z's ive ever seen! beautiful car, im gonna get those wheels for my 280zx because of this car!!
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