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  1. $150 is a steal — nice find! IMHO, the Autopower bar is the nicest roll bar produced for the Z…it’s what I’ve had in my last two cars. Thanks for the update!!
  2. Oh, yeah...that's loose....REALLY loose. Silly question, but did you try tightening the 4 bolts that secure the coupler? You usually need to experiment with the right combination of box -end and open-end wrenches (because of the tight clearances and angularity of the joint). It also makes the job a lot easier if you rotate the steering shaft to get full exposure of each of the four nuts/bolts, as you tighten them. I do them in 180 deg pairings (like you would your lug nuts)....probably not necessary...just my engineering obsessive/compulsiveness. Glad you found the issue, and that it seems to be something cheap & easy to fix!
  3. Nice-looking piece. Can I suggest you move your post to the Vendors' Forum? https://forums.hybridz.org/forum/27-vendors-forum/ Thank you.
  4. Good deal…GLWS. As an FYI for any prospective buyers, I’ve had a similar diff behind a built SBC in my 260 the last 8 years (mine has the Torsen helical LSD). No issues of any kind.
  5. Got my shirt yesterday, and it looks awesome…thx, Ryan! Very much appreciate all your hard work to make this happen.
  6. Yeah....that's way too much neg camber, Aydin. Glad you recognized that and are fixing it. Question: how much have you extended your adjustable front LCAs (vs stock length), and is that possibly contributing to this situation? You probably don't want to buy another set of camber plates, but I wonder if these from T3 would meet your need w/o cutting/drilling the strut tower: https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/280z/240z-260z-and-280z-solid-pillow-mounts REALLY nice to see your car running and driving, after so much work the last couple years. I'm sure it's very gratifying.
  7. IINM, it looks like they were going for max caster using the BC camber plate, kind of like the EMI plates allowed with their innovative design. One can run the BC plates in the stock strut tower mounting position no problem.
  8. You may also want to post in the "Parts Wanted" section: https://forums.hybridz.org/forum/73-parts-wanted/.
  9. How about these? https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/240z/high-clearance-outer-tie-rods-datsun-240z-260z-and-280z Apex makes them as well.
  10. Thanks again for doing this, Ryan! This is such a thankless job; and this is the FIFTH time that you have volunteered to do it on your own time. Kudos, my Brother!!! 👍👍
  11. Good point. Sorry…I missed that bit in your original post.
  12. No, that definitely doesn’t seem right. I’ve used several aftermarket hubs (including Momo) on my various Zs; and never had a problem like that. Are there any other S30s in your area that you could try those hubs on?
  13. jhm


    @Exposed, it appears that you were able to post photos on your build thread yesterday. Is everything working ok for you now? No more problems posting pics?
  14. Aydin, my two cents...I wouldn't recommend buying your helmet used, but everything else (suit, underwear, gloves, shoes, etc) can be found just fine used. You probably would want to buy that stuff in-person to ensure you could try it on for fit before handing over your cash. And get your helmet from a vendor that allows free exchanges, as helmet manufacturers use different sizing guidelines when constructing their helmets. You'll see vendors at most track events with new, "defect", and used gear. Even those huge swap meets you have in Cali are probably a good bet to check out for used gear.
  15. @fusion, FWIW....I've done my last two windshields the way @Sanchez recommended (no sealant). Haven't had any leaks with them. Once it's in, it's key to "massage" the gasket in order to ensure that the gasket corners are all tight and filling the corresponding metal corners fully.
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