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  1. USPS Priority Mail 9505 5265 1141 9221 6053 11 Thanks Bud.
  2. I do have ....$55 shipped To Fl. Let me know ....I have Paypal and it's same with my email address Thanks kuwaity63@hotmail.com I Will send the Darker shaded one with the slight offset.
  3. They sell them new @ Nissan dealers. also there is one in ebay right now!
  4. Please if you have a set just let me know. Shipped to 85029.In good shape. Thank You guys. Jamal kuwaity63@hotmail.com
  5. I do have a T3 Stock Turbo spins fine with little tiny play in the shaft. $300 shipped to UT.
  6. I do have one $300 shipped to the east coast. It will be kinda pricey to ship from west coast to east coast. Thank You Jamal
  7. Here is some pix....
  8. I have this set on my 82 280ZX T parts car.
  9. How about a P90A?!Rebuilt.
  10. Thank You guys....ended up rebuilding my little T3 Turbo...........Pricey!!
  11. Hi...any body have one for sale? In good condition no play. Factory T3 Turbo Mine has a lot of play and get stuck when I try to accelerate!(needs to be rebuild-150K miles on it) Thank You in advance. Jamal 602-433-1161
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