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  1. I did a PMI and hardness test on a bracket from a 1972. The Rockwell test result is 34-40 HRC, a chalange for some hacksaw blades. The PMI test looks like recycled material. Zn 0.023, Cu .11, Fe 97.623, Mn 0.83, Cr 0.043, Ti 0.09 %, All other elements are below level of detection. The PMI gun (Niton XL 2 Gold XRF) will not pick up Carbon.
  2. I ordered jam nuts. But I am not sure if I will go with them or make a tall skinny nut that comes out of the hole. I like touring so the car will see different loads.
  3. Here is a 240 rubber strut mount modified for height adjustment. The mount was bored to 1.5 inch a steped coller was pressed in. The ID is threaded for a Jack screw. The screw is 1-14TPI bored .625 ID for1.125 inch to fit over the strut. Then drill and tap for the strut threads. The top was countered bored .625 to allow access to the strut adjustment and a hex was broached in it for turning. The spring cap is pressed on the end.
  4. Update, I found that the piviot center of the mono ball in relation to the housing is not controlled. So I changed from a snap ring to a clamp. This gives the freedom to center the mono ball to the pin center. This will also allow the adjustment of the pin pivot axis in relation to the strut. I do not know the angle of the strut to the pin pivoit axis in the side view. I suspect it is 90 degrees. The only struts I have off a car are from a wrecked 240 and looking at the way the rubber bushings are distorted any measurement from them will be questioned as to its value. The car was hit on
  5. I am not looking to sell them. I posted to share thoughts on a different way to achieve a goal. I am still working on the A-frames to go with them.
  6. I had a 240 with eccentric LCA bushings. They were pulled from service in poor shape. The aluminum had deep groves, Bushings tapered. (Maybe from the arc generated by the TC arm). They were made to run without lube. The aluminum is to soft for good soft for good wear resistance. If you can keep the dust out and lube it,service life may be OK for weekend use. I have Moly filed Delrin on the inside of the rear a-frames. They have about 30K on them. The heat from the exhaust warmed one next to it and it would stick. Had to increase clearance from .002 " too .010". Next tim
  7. This pin places the front monoball in position for long life and double shear mount. Front ball needs to be a high missalinment type. I used a 5/8 size. The material is 17-4PH 1150 to avoid corrosion.
  8. Why are the post I made locked?
  9. If some one in Houston,TX. has a cross member to lone out for a week end I will measure it.
  10. I think most machine shops do not want to deal with a job, with out a detailed drawing. The machinist hand book gives specifications for types of fits. For a rotor ID to fit a hub OD of 2.500" It may be called out Machine ID to 2.501" -.000 +.001" Concentric to OD within .005" If the OD is rough a clean up cut may be needed. Bolt circle call out will be Four .xxx" + -.005" holes on 4.500" circle 90 degree spacing Concentric to ID. This job can be done on a Mill/Jig bore with a boring head or a CNC turning center with live tooling as well as a Lathe and Mill.
  11. LLave, It is a Ford DEW98 platform, 2000-06 Lincoln LS,Thunderbird and Jaguar S-Type. It is the TC rod on the back.The out side end ties to the upright. There is what looks to be the same rod on the Ford full size SUV. Next time I am at the junk yard I will look and see if it is the same.
  12. Compression rod Ball end Mod. using a mono ball from a Ford IRS. Turn down the TC Rod to 14MM (.551") cut to about 7", thread 14 x 1.5 MM for 2.75" The threading die was purchased from a machine shop supply for $11 the Mono balls from a self serve junk yard for $7 each. This is a simple bolt in BUT the pivot of the mono ball is about one inch forward of the factory. It has a smaller OD than the factory. I am a long way from a finished project, so testing will have to wait. If some one has run with a shortened TC Rod please let us know how it worked.
  13. Holley has a accelerator pump diaphragm on the bottom of the float bowl. I find these get hard if not used. When you start using them after a long time out of service they crack and leak the fuel in the bowl down on your exaust.
  14. The counter bore on the left. What was removed. The pin spaner cap on the right.
  15. I dought it will brake right away. I think the input bearing will start winning after 20,000 miles. That gives me 4-5 years. A T56 was my first thought with a bell housing cut from billit. In searching for one I found a T45 and started the project. I cut 240 hull in sections to use for mock-up and found th T45 a tight fit. All ready thinking of the extra weight the motor added. I started looking for a 280ZX T5 thinking the tail housing mount, shifter and driveshaft might be a bolt in. The T5 I am using was puchesed for the input shaft and gear set to be instaled with a 280ZX tail h
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