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  1. Good reply, good to see you know the issues and are taking means to sort them. Can't be easy running a small business selling parts like yours but if you make good parts and give good customer service it should all come good in the end.
  2. Drill out the spot welds and remove it. Was well worth it for me. so much you cant get to otherwise and is s shame to leave if you are doing the rest of the car.
  3. If you need to shift the air from the rear that seems a good way to do it. Could you make the holes smaller so there is more surface to be visible? It should still flow enough air. Definiyitly got some supercar vibes about it as most of them have a similar structure at the rear to remove engine heat.
  4. Good work. Do you think you would be able to smooth off the holes well enough to have it chromed after and leave it perfect?
  5. Looks great. Looking forward to seeing more photos.
  6. Looks great, will be good to see a complete photo of it when its done.
  7. All the plans sound great. And we all know building a car isn't easy, problems were always likely to arise, giving you the chance to improve things like you are doing. Looking forward to seeing some videos when you finally get it running how you want.
  8. Must update here as the work on both sides is done, floors are starting now. I can help you there, I got them from here. They had them made for me and sent out within two weeks. https://www.alfaparts.net/dat280.html
  9. Long way to go still, but it sure will do one its done.
  10. Long way to go still, but it sure will do one its done.
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