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  1. I will have to make a decision soon. I have a r200 open just want it to be a lsd. No cheap option
  2. Have you seen the Invincible extremes super 8.8 setup yet?
  3. So I’m about to pull the plug for a front suspension and then rear but front first. Dose the apex have issues up front ?
  4. Have you sourced the super 8.8 assembly? Just curious what they get for them and what stock gear ratio are available out there..
  5. Chip , whats your contact info ?
  6. Interested if available.
  7. My new project . Thinking lt1 6speed
  8. This is the way I’m leaning. Just trying to makes sure they can handle som horse power. I would also upgrage to cv axles at the same time. Check it out. http://www.kangamotorsports.com/blog/2016/6/18/datsun-240z-limited-slip-differential
  9. To me it looks like the sti lsd with 3:90 gears is the way to go . Well documented and parts available. Not the cheapest way though
  10. Alpha 1 . Needs floors and some frame work . Going to get it today
  11. Got it ! just replied about this. What about a stronger rear. Seams to a lot of old info out there and way to many options..
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