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  1. modded su's is the set up im runnin, ported n36 runners, matched spacers, matched carbs. blah blah blah. plus a dual fogger setup on the nitrous side of it. should make for a hell of a ride. if you keep the egt's down to a certain degree, the liners shouldn't make that big of a difference either way you go
  2. im sneaky for one. i have an n47 on the car right now. also. the cc of the chambers, vs the cc of the pistons. getting the c/r that i was going for. couldn't do it with other heads. im sure he could, but i didn't want to do a full blown race head. and i wanted to keep the same header that i have now. im sure paul can go into more detail about it
  3. nope, thats my goofy ass. a friend of mine snapped the pic without me looking, or knowing
  4. 360 fwhp, 400 ft lbs. yea it's a good time!!! i think im going to stay NA. i'll be fine with a z that is slower than my daily driver. besides, it handles better!. thanks for the update man!
  5. true, it would be. but everyone nees a 400 hp family car don't they? i know i do. for some odd reason i already have the 3.1 bottom end sitting, collecting dust. dunno what im going to do just yet
  6. um, im in kansas city missouri. no coasts around me. nor anything good to look at it really. paul, i'll give ya a call monday when i get off work. we cna discuss some more stuff
  7. naaa, im not mad at ya man. i just have the ole lack of money due to car payment syndrome right now. im not sure what im going to do at this point. yes the new car with the bottle on it is spoiling me. if i can run door to door with a new c6 vette {they trap about 110-112 mph} and im right there in my lil ole grand prix? yea. thats the delima. anywho. the guy that has the turbo stuff isn't responding to me on a local z board, so i may end up just staying all motor, and putting the car back together and just driving it. i really don't care if the z is going to be docile or not.
  8. my daily driver right now is a 400 hp car {bless the nitrous gods} but it is also a 3600 lb tank. the cam that paul has in wait for me is for an allmotor/bottle set up. crazy yes, but serves a purpose. i really need to talk to him. i haven't talked with him in a couple months now. im sure he's a bit upset with me. dunno the set up i posted should be good for about 250 to the tire, with out changing turbo's boost levels may vary here and there. not sure. that was more or less a general thing i threw together
  9. not sure what im going to do at this point, the original plan was to do a all motor/bottle car, that should have put it close to 400 to the tire on juice. i think that might be a wee bit extreme. hence me going for about 300 to the tire would make the car pretty damn silly. with my turbo knowledge and ems stuff i know. tuning it would be easy. then again, so is nitrous. but, thats another 600 bucks for that. not sure what im going to do just yet.
  10. i miss having a boosted car. and the whole all motor thing is a lost dream right now. my thinking. 3.1 bottom end p-90 head n42 manifold 60mm tb stock ext mani stock t3 on 12 psi intercooler aeromotive pump/regulator 450cc injectors 3 inch dp and 3 dp back megasquirt system dunno kickin around idea's tryin to get 300 to the tire or i'll end up sellin the car
  11. set the needles rich to compensate for the additional air leaking in.
  12. well, if the bearings are the same. what rings then? thus added confusion!
  13. my shortblock is several years old. i think 5-6 years old. im going for the basic rebuild. hone, rings, bearings. usual crap
  14. hence the thinking part. when i think it's either right, or wrong. 50 50 shot. im leaning more towards soft cam core
  15. if you get frustrated, i can offer up my su's, with mild work, ported n36 runners, for a trade.
  16. i lost 4 cam lobes and over 50 hp because of this. on a schinder cam anywho. i think it's lack of zinc content in oil that is causing it. our setups need this for the cam to survive.
  17. i believe it is a msa kit can i get the bearings and rings from them? or do i need to dig up some part numbers from where else and hope they fit?
  18. right coast? midwest! i'll call ya tonight man
  19. how in the hell do you bend the laws and 110% ve?
  20. ::shakes head:: nevermind, this is like pissing into the wind build a 3.1 use stock su's then we'll talk. from the racers that have run them for years, still run them, rebello, hurst, and other z tuners across the nation have more hands on experience and have helped me then some yahoo with a website
  21. Silent

    510 tranny

    a friend of mine has a good transmission sitting right now. it's off a 510, still attached to the all mighty 4 banger. im guessing the input shaft is different, and maybe the shaft spline on the output on the rear. it is a 5 spd. soooooo my guessing is it may work in a z car. it has two ears on the tail shaft area which my z tranny only has one. dunno just looking for clarification before i go off and take it off his hands
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