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  1. kick ***! i don't forsee myself going through that hell, but never the less a good read
  2. yep, thats if you can't find one. hell i can't find any, but im sure at u-wrench it, the turbo car down there has one on it
  3. you can use a late 74-75 260/280 dizzy with an msd box on it as well. either way doesn't matter
  4. pull the motor and tranny as one piece, it makes life easier in the end.
  5. im in kansas city as well. im sure some of the pics that were taken of me and my z were plastered all over the net, may have seen some on various boards
  6. hey butt nugget, i told ya i would help with the et swap. really they aren't hard to do. piddly bolt ons here and there and you have 300 rwhp. which is going to be silly in a 240. take mine, put down 141 hp, ran 14.5 {thanks to the msa cam} you're looking at an easy 12 second car. maybe faster under the right conditions. scott in his crx ran mid 10's on 390 fwhp in his crx. 1700 lb car. just food for thought
  7. i'll be damned, i called comp back in feb and they told me "we don't do any grinds for the L series anymore" even had grind numbers and part numbers hmmmmm i hate being lied too.
  8. comp doesn't grind cams for the L series anymore. hate to burst your bubble.
  9. Silent

    got cam?

    im a nitrous fan boy
  10. Silent

    got cam?

    nope. completely new engine. rebuilt bottom end, new head big nasty stuff goin on. 400 ft lbs of fun
  11. temperature plays hell with the setup. i know several guys here runnin f1r's {prochargers} on blow through carbies. keep a lot of spare jets around is really the only advice i could give. also, get a good bov.
  12. tiz true mine aren't plugged, i don't think i'll check em tonight
  13. pokin through the "how to modify your datsun" book last night while watchin cartoons {yes i still watch cartoons} the plug, right above the timing tensioner. why is this sucker plugged? same on the back side of the motor? why? more oil pressure? more pressure to the head? im at a loss here.
  14. it seems to be shaved msa big bore pistons. around 40cc's from the deck height. give or take a few. the pics of the pistons are taken at tdc. dunno.
  15. the bige bore kit aka 3.1 doesn't use the offset pistons from msa. they have a piston that looks like mine. which now i have to figure out what cc the damn thing is. the bore should 89.0 mm
  16. thats my guess. it seems a lot of parts for this motor came from them as well
  17. whats getting me is the reverse dish. as in a very small dome. dunno, i'll get some cleaner or something on them this friday when i go back over there to do some more tinkering. i don't think a pic of the bottom of the piston would do any good either
  18. you can believe it or not, thats up to you. i have done it numerous times. don't think it will happen again due to head work, and severely modded carbs. and a heavy foot
  19. don't freak out, the scratch marks are just removed carbon build up. it's my fingernail what the hell are these things anyways?!?!?! ka24 pistons? some wierd creation??
  20. half a tank of gas, cruizin at 3100 rpms, lean as all hell. as in 18+ a/f no more then 1/4 throttle at any point in time. i could be wrong, but i know it was at least 30 - 32 mpg 14 / 2 = 7 7 gallons divided by around 220-225 miles driven. severely babied the car. it IS possible im not saying its a safe way of doing it, but you can do it. temperature plays hell with my carbs here in missouri. one day it's great mpg, or runs great, the next day it's sucking down fuel
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