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  1. my old set up was bullet proof, aside from the cam goin stupid on it. got about 36 mpg out of the sucker too. all motor with su's and a 5spd
  2. i can check my short block and let ya know. i know there is one behind the timing cover, and one behind the flywheel
  3. depends on how hard to drive the car. i run my pretty hard and have no had a problem. then again, im not using l series rings either. {kinda hard to do with a 3.1}
  4. you can run stock rings and be happy for a while.
  5. Silent

    got cam?

    .520 lift .3xx duration im sure braap will chime in here at some point
  6. ah ha, i see! might explain why i didn't see it when i pulled the pump apart
  7. Silent

    got cam?

    custom ground cam for the head braap is doin for me. it's a lil guy i swear! it's for my 3.1 liter thats well into 3 weeks of surgery
  8. side question regarding thread where the hell are these springs at anyways?!!!? i pulled my pump of this weekend {along with everything else} and im not seeing these springs anywhere!!!!
  9. i dont have a second z, well thats running at least. as far as me makin it down there, it's just a case of money for gas in my pathfinder
  10. max of 100. start off kinda low at 55-60 then work my way up on the dyno
  11. built 3.1 su's from rebello direct port, or dual fogger direct is self explanitory dual fogger would be taking the 240 insulators. drill and tap holes for a single fogger in each one {2} IE using a z32 nitrous kit i know that direct port is easier to get the desired a/f with. but im also looking at ease of install and such things too
  12. get a 92 maxima se 5spd advance the timing, intake, exhaust, no cats, bored tb and port matched manfiold. you can walk all over the early 90's vettes, and wouldn't have a problem taking the skyline either. but aside from that. get some drag radials on the z and get the jump on em. takes more power to reel someone in then to get out in front
  13. im sure i could get down there, but i doubt id be bringing my z. i was supposed to go to branson z fest this weekend but have to work, so that kills those plans.
  14. just got off the phone with ebc, they do not make pads, or rotors for the 84-85 solid disk rotors. crap neither does hawk, so that kills my options really quick down to zero
  15. the fitting in the valve cover, exactly in that pic is what im lookin for! is it an 8 or 10? guess it really doesn't matter what thread it is, since i believe you have to tap it anyways
  16. 84-89 4 runner ebc green number dp6380 is this for the solid rotor coversion on the z cars? im under the assumption that it is. i just don't feel like ordering pads im not going to use any help is greatly appreciated
  17. im looking to take the stock tube out, and put a aeroquip/russel/earls style fitting on it. the filter im not worried about. i get thats for 2 bucks all day long.
  18. alrighty, not sure of the techy term for it, but the vent tube at the top of the valve cover. i have seen people use aeroquip fittings {or fittings of their choice} for a better looking install. what size is this sucker anyways?
  19. i didn't even check the holes in the cam. at this point it's too far gone to even worry about in the first place. if you're going to stay efi, invest in a megasquirt, and some other stuff to go along with it. im actually happy i went back to su's putting down almost 200 rwhp on stock carbs, head and intake manifolds. vs the poeple who struggle to put down 160 with head work, ported manifolds, tb, and other things on efi stuff. then again, thats my opinion, i could be wrong. keep in mind im runnin a 3.1 not a stock bore car. it's purely up to you. but the stock efi is good for s
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