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  1. im trying to get a L series engine right now for my 240 that is already built. pistons, rods, so on and so forth. i "believe" it is still a 2.8 liter. what i have been kicking around is turboing said motor. before you go off and say yes. the motor is 10.0:1 c/r. while this doesn't scare me in a sense of pushing 19 lbs down the perverbial throttle body on a modern engine. it does leave me a bit squeemish to do it to this engine. if i were to do this. im not sure if it would be worth going efi on it, or building a surge tank for the su's and grinding a set of custom needles to foll
  2. it's simple. it's called crank case pressure. build up too much pressure, it has to go somewhere.
  3. there is no z in this country that is 100% original and rust free. this one suffers from the battery box. but it's just surface rust right now
  4. they were just fine for the 3.1. dunno. i'll throw my wideband on it and see how it turns out
  5. went out to my storage place last night and grabbed the su carbs i had on my 3.1 engine, along with the n36 runners and stuff. now. these cars were modded for the 3.1 sm needles and minor porting/smoothing done. i know these carbs work well. im just thinking in the back of my head that they might be overkill on a bone stock 2.4 liter. yay or nay on this idea?
  6. ed. i do believe i still have a taurus fan laying around if you need it
  7. i'll be changin out the radiator, fan, carbs, manifolds and things this weekend. maybe i can go wot in it and not watch my money be puked out the back of the car im up for a cruise. compared to my ss/sc this thing is dog ass slow
  8. it was presented to me as a deal i couldn't pass up. so i jumped on it i'll have to check the tag for the number when i get a chance too thanks for the welcome backs!
  9. bought another one. still have my 3.1 stroker as well. 1970 series 1 240z
  10. spinning perhaps. not reaching full boost in 2nd and 3rd. iat's affect ignition timing, not afr. i take it the fuel side is set the same afr regardless of boost levels in the fuel side? had a similar problem in a twin turbo lincoln i was tuning with megasquirt. small bumps in the fuel map under boost would create not so pleasent results
  11. im spinning an eaton m62 to squeeze out 19 psi on my ecotec motor right now. with the aid of water injection at least. cooling the intake charge, and the bearings at the same time. there is always a way to overspin a blower. you just have to find the means of keeping thigs cool in the mean time. there was a guy here in kc with a tahoe runnin 11psi on his whipple on the 5.3 motor with water injection, and it lived very well.
  12. you can squeeze more than 6.5 psi out of that blower. find the compressor map for it and see what the max rotor speed is, and work your way back from there
  13. sweeeeeeettttttttttttttt! i warned ya about the core though, heheheh. you will probably read this before i get a phone call. all the gauges are run through the factory plugs behind them as far as power, ground, and light switch power {for the lights}. if you need to get some dyno time, call me. i'll set something up for ya
  14. now you see why i was picky on who i sold it too man! someone who is doing something with it, instead of just beating on it and not finishing the project. ok, now i go
  15. the car is many shades of blue. smurf color if you will. with some surface rust. used to be silver p.s. the car does just fine in the snow. when i owned it. i never got stuck in it and i drove it year round with the 3.1 in it
  16. ya know, some people do miss some ♥♥♥♥ when they are looking for certain information. back off.
  17. im sure at some point in time i'll find another one. i just need to be smarter with my money, and various other things. i still have the motor, the tranny was shot. dunno, we shall see what happens at a later date
  18. yep, z less. i needed the money
  19. the z was loaded up on a trailer, to become a real hybrid. it stayed local, so i will still have a hand in it's creation, but i am no longer an owner of it. sold the rolling chassis, still have the motor collecting dust in storage. a piece of me died inside when i saw it roll away
  20. i can see the velocity going down the toilet. but never the less, valiant effort!
  21. i hate people who give excuse's over and over again. braap. that looks like a fun itb set up. gave me some new idea's!!!!
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