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Its a GTR with a Juke body on it.


I really don't see the problem with that. cool.gif


Unless a perfectly good GTR was scrapped. sad.gif If it'd been wrecked then that's ok, same goes if they bought the drivetrain from nissan directly, which is what I assume they did.


You have to admit, even if it wasn't done with pure performance in mind, it looks to be a very well done, clean job. This doesn't look like some glam rock hack job done on a cable television show which seems to be all too common these days. It seems to be a high profile project done for publicity by a well equipped shop (both in tools and talent).



Would I pay to do all that work? No. Would I do all that work myself? No. Does that make it any less cool? Not really to me. Putting a busa motor in a smart car is grade-A cool to me, and this project seems has some of the same fragrance about it, just slightly different overall package. Some people don't like the juke, but even less of us like the smart car. But doing something totally over the top like this is just plain full of win. The main thing I don't like about the GTR is that it's just plain physically large. Problem solved :-)





BTW, I never assumed you though differently than all I've said John, I'm just using your comment as a launching pad for what I think about it. All in good fun I hope.

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I think Nissan's exterior designers must be blind pessimists.


Backroom conversation:


"You think some sucker will buy this crap?"


"Only one way to find out..."


I can't imagine how else you can make something so hideous. I went to the SF Auto Show in November. I really wish I never walked into the Nissan booth, because I saw this:





Along with the Cube, Juke, and the <insert Nissan car here>. Ugh. Nissan's display made me want to Oedipus my eyes.

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