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  1. You can drift without aftermarket helpers to the steering angle, I've done quite a bit of pavement drifting in the z. However more angle needs to be added asap to be competitive at all.
  2. This is very interesting, been looking for a cheap 2mm HG for a while.
  3. Whale tail, Me gusta. I always wanted one on my black car, with a black bre lip. mmmmm
  4. he's new at shifting, he was trying not to nacker the clutch, i thought the same thing and we talked afterward lol
  5. Instead of a boring exhaust vid, we made this for my friends L28 relatively stock 280z, Straight Pipe! Enjoy
  6. Its probably going to be a "make one" or find one that fits kind of thing. Mk1 Rabbits have similar ones that I've heard fit on z cars with modification, but don't quote me on that.
  7. +1, had this happen before. Beginners mistake, happens to the best of us.
  8. If you do that method carefully, it really isn't that bad lol. We heated the fender and then rolled mine that way, turned out 100% a-okay. Then again we went really slow and pulled up on the jack handle at each point for lots of roll. I mostly did it to roll the inner lip.
  9. I tried the corporate world, couldn't handle the BS. Now i'm my own boss being a grease monkey, definitely my favorite lifestyle. I'd rather be happy and have an okay amount of money than depressed and do nothing but work and have money.
  10. lol I dunno, cracked my MS2 Board, so Im waiting for the replacement
  11. Understandable, I think its the server bein laggy today Thanks though! Its far from done.
  12. I have the dark metallic grey with gold and brown flakes, looks black sometimes though idk. in the sun, man she sparkles
  13. try 11 hours and 1000 miles Billings Montana to Seatte in 1 Solid Day, black car, NO A/C, middle of summer. Good times stopping off at moses lake just to jump in and buy a bag of ice to hang off the mirror
  14. Looking through this thread, made me realize my car is in pristine shape compared to most lmao.
  15. Same situation for north seattle/central seattle I can, after this blizzard melts.
  16. WOW^ that was one of the few cars in this thread that gave me a z boner.
  17. You know you own a datsun when you get asked if it has a v8 because your l28 is running incorrectly... You know you owna datsun when you'd rather drive it to school than the new tundra you just bought... (truth, happend 3 years ago when the z was stock)
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