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For anyone whos really wanted to see a Z drift


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A couple of comments here. First, he seems to be getting a decent amount of steering angle out of the car. I don't know if it's got a stock IFS but he seems to be able to catch pretty high angles.


Second, these guys really need to keep it on the track or at least the warehouse parking lots they started out in. I'm all for having fun, but going sideways in the oncoming lane is a bit much.

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Here is the same car I posted months ago and people were like o He's not drifting just power sliding . Pause it a 1:31 and u can see his plate number dead give away that its the same one.




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So what's the difference between drifting and power sliding, besides semantics?




Depends- Are you asking a serious question to someone who really likes/is into drifting, or are you just being silly :P


Ill answer under the assumption that you are indeed asking honestly, or at the least intend to view this answer as a response for anyone *else* who may not actually know the difference.


Im going to this as short and *hopefully* as simple as i can for anyone who is interested. A power-slide is when you simply use the power of a vehicle to abruptly disturb the traction of the rear tires and kick the rear end out. A drift on the other hand, (while it usually ALSO involves a good bit of power), is performed by subjecting the car to a rotational-momentum that causes the rear tires to break free.


So hows all this actually work in practice?


Start driving your (rear wheel driven) car in a big circle, let the car set, and then romp on the gas. Counter-steer, correct, hold the slide a bit, pat yourself on the back- That was a power slide.


Now start driving your car, then force the vehicle to turn in at a rate so quickly that the rotational-momentum of the vehicle causes the rear tires to break away (a good flick out of a corner, then quickly into a corner is a pretty good method to accomplish this for learners), apply the power while counter-steering, and pat yourself on the back. That was a drift.


So the real differences in the end? Power-Slide causation: Power. Drift causation: Momentum.



Also a note on this video: I actually think i recognize this area- & IF its where I think it is, they were never actually on anything BUT those industrial building/business roads. The entire place is one HUGE business/industrial complex. Course it might be somewhere else entirely.

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