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  1. From what Mfactory is saying looks like whoever is in the initial 10 will get a real good deal. But after that unless something changes its entering quaif teritory.
  2. Seems the company is pretty decent and stands behind its product even if they had some issues in the beginning. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1043397
  3. I'm not saying that I like the design, but this IS hybridz, so that's probably why he would want to mess with the tail lights. As for my opinion, it's an interesting idea, but would probably look better on a heavily modified car, though the bottom left looks like a buick or a grandma monte carlo
  4. Door cards have been updated for all years and he has added a front splitter to the website as well.
  5. 4 spots left on the s30 bumper deletes group buy and 2 left on the 280z door card group buy!
  6. So I hope this is in the proper section of the forums but Ben Lillard of Skillard has just released his s30 bumper deletes and 280z door cards and is having a monthly group buy on both of them. You can go straight to www.skillard.com and click the group buy option, once the group hits 10 on each item he'll make the batch and ship them out.
  7. Even if we sent the money "to a family memeber" thing?
  8. Yea I did try that and it fell right through lol.
  9. Is there an updated link or location on where to buy the correct obx unit? All the links seem to be broken.
  10. Ok I hope I did this right. Its a huge pain in the ass to post pictures on this site. This is the install of my 4.5 tach and my 2 side gauges. They all are mounted in the old factory gauge bezels. I'm not really happy with how I mounted the tach, but I'll redo it this winter.
  11. I've heard of spitfires failing often too. Everything fails but LS coils have a good history of lasting a long time and firing stronger. We have a few fleets at my job that have work trucks in the 200k+ range that are still on the factory coils.
  12. ^if you run the LQ9's mojoracing in florida makes a mounting bracket. I run it, makes things painless. If you run the other ones then good luck and may the force be with you lol.
  13. A bit of work? Go to your local junkyard pick up some LS coils with their harness for dirt cheap. Wire them up as per the write up on NICO which is basically match the colors to the coils and add an extra power and ground. BAM your done, coils that will pretty much last forever and are stronger than most coils that go for double or triple the price.
  14. Both honestly. Stock coils/ignitor sucks and so does a computer that dislikes when you change anything from how it used to be in the original car. If you can afford a new computer then its only about another 200 max to do an ls coil swap anyways.
  15. Damn this really sucks. My condolences to the family.
  16. Dipstick runs through the block and not the oil pan, to be used in a rear sump design you must pop out the little cover towards to front of the block and replace it with the original dipstick tube and put the cover in the original tube hole
  17. Im running a quick time racing muffler, its oval, only drones slightly but its because the mount it too solid. though I'm not too sure if I like it. Its a bit too quiet for my tastes, I'll see how it goes when I get a tune next week. I originally wanted a greddy RS but they were on world wide backorder for months.
  18. Aaaaannnndddd it started working lol I'll keep an eye on it, pics coming soon.
  19. Ran my daisy chains, tested the boost gauge first, worked perfectly, installed everything else, put it all back together, and I noticed that when I turn the car on it will go max vaccum red led will flash twice and then the needle will shoot to max boost and stay there with the red led staying on. I tried unplugging the sensor and nothing changed. I have to check voltage at the daisy chain but it's last on the line and the other 2 work so I'm not so sure what the problem is.
  20. Just installed them today, they are so amazing! Gonna post up pictures tomorrow, having some issues with the boost gauge but tomorrow I have to go over everything to make sure I didn't do anything wrong. Is there anything these gauges do when there's an error? Speedhut's website doesn't really say much of anything about issues and how to fix them.
  21. Just got mine in today, Halfway done installing them, will post pictures as soon as I can.
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