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Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges


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Just a heads up, Ihiryu (Steven) is great to work with. The gauges are awesome and Speedhut is great to work with also fixing a small hiccup. (My fault for ordering the wrong sizes, they are accepting it all back and pay a minor shipping and rehandling fee).


If anyone is interested do not hesitate to ask questions and speak with him.

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You don't need that stuff!  Flashy gauges and a carb is where it's at!


It's so weird I know someone who is named Ian and drives an EF honda...


Anyway let me know when you're ready!  International shipping is done via DHL

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Hey guys and gals,


Sorry I've been really busy, and for the past few PM's that I've gotten I haven't had any email notifications from HZ, I don't know if it's an issue with my email, or what, but I'll start to check here more often.

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Another order rolled in, 


I do want to apologize, they customer sent me money, but it never showed up in my notifications via my paypal app.  So his order did not process until today.  I do apologize, I don't want to place blame, but I seldom check my paypal account unless I know there's money coming in.  


So if you do send me money, please let me know that you did, so this doesn't happen again.  An embarrassing mistake on my end.  I'm totally sorry :(

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Interested in the 4" dual gauge and 4" quad gauge kit,  GR4-DUAL-GPSQKIT-ST-03T  sending you a pm now

PM sent!


hey, glad business is still alive. You guys have a shop in Killeen? I live not far from the addy you have listed. Always fun to meet other Z guys. Take care!

oh, still doing rust repair, but will be in touch for a complete gauge set.



Hey hey, yup we are still here alive and kicking it, however I had to send my Z away :(  Floor boards started to fall out and sold the rolling shell to a friend of mine in Houston.  Still got my RB setup though.

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